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Ep 473 – Week of Tannehill – The Signs of the Times

What does the “latter day” in Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually mean?  When is the end of the world coming and what are the signs that it is near? This was the 14th episode of Infants on Thrones, originally published in April 2013, and it is a doozy.

Ep 471 – Week of Tannehill – The Abrahamic Covenant

What is the Abrahamic covenant and why is it so important to Mormons like Mike Tannehill?  For listeners who do not know Mike Tannehill, get ready.  He’s making a return to the podcast soon.  So think of “The Week of Tannehill” as a year supply of sorts, preparing for the end times, this time with extra weevils.

Ep 466 – The Slow Track Program: A mini Smackdown

Glenn, Matt, and Scott review a Mormon satire piece called: “The Slow-Track Program!”  We also tease the imminent return of…. wait for it….

Nah.  You’ll just have to listen.

Ep 460 – Advice to Your Pre-Faith Crisis Selves

If you could go back and give advice to yourself right before your faith crisis, what would you say?  That is the topic covered by Scott, Matt, Glenn, and special guest Colleen Dietz from The Mormon Happy Hour Podcast.  Also, the Listener Essay contest winners are announced, and a new feature of Infants on Thrones is introduced: Wednesday Night Live.  Take a listen.

Ep 427 – 2018 Listener Essay Contest

Do you have something you want to say on Infants on Thrones? Now is your chance to say it, and possibly win a cash prize for doing it.

This episode contains 4 example essays:

“Testimony” by Glenn Ostlund (from 2008)
“Obedience” by Tom Perry (from 2008)
“Tangled” by Scott Rowley (from 2009)
“Testimony Update” by Glenn Ostlund (Dec 2017)

Click here for more details about the essay contest.

Ep 403 – Grudges Part 1

Tom leads a discussion on Grudges part one with a clip that includes Bob, Matt, Glenn and Scott and then finishes with a panel discussion with Jake and Matt.

Ep 398 – Forgiveness Part 2

Tom continues his exploration what it means to forgive.

Ep 397 – Forgiveness Part 1

Tom continues his exploration of Apologies, Forgiveness, and Grudges with this amazing panel discussion from almost 5 years ago — once thought lost — now found. So listen in as Tom, Matt, Glenn, Bob, and Scott (aka “Jesse) talk about what it means to each of them to forgive.

Ep 392 – Froback Friday: How to Marry a Mormon

What happens when you mix “The Singles Ward” with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” The Infants read Glenn’s old screenplay “How to Marry a Mormon.”

Ep 369 – Froback Friday – Who Wrote the Book of Mormon

Come back with us to October 2013 for our 3-part series “Who Wrote the Book of Mormon.”  John Hamer, Craig Criddle, and so much more.

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