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Ep 392 – Froback Friday: How to Marry a Mormon

What happens when you mix “The Singles Ward” with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” The Infants read Glenn’s old screenplay “How to Marry a Mormon.”

Ep 372 – Bye Bye Scouts

Jake, Heather, Randy and Scott smack around a DN article saying TTFN to the LDS VS program of the BSA.  Let’s hope you all got your AMBs!!  (Acronym Merit Badges)

Ep 369 – Froback Friday – Who Wrote the Book of Mormon

Come back with us to October 2013 for our 3-part series “Who Wrote the Book of Mormon.”  John Hamer, Craig Criddle, and so much more.

Ep 367 – Check-up from the Neck-up

This one’s a two-fer.  Two episodes in one.  First, Glenn, Matt, and Scott talk about stuff.  Then, Randy, Glenn, Tom, Matt and Bob talk about more stuff.  Then there’s a pretty long easter egg at the end with even more talking about even more stuff.  And there’s that whole thing about three patterns.  Plus, you will never guess who is quitting Infants on Thrones!

Ep 352 – Echo Chambers

Is there an echo in here?

Facebook posts. Podcast listeners. Church groups. Political affiliation. Echo chambers are definitely all around us. Glenn, Scott, and Matt each discuss their own thoughts on these Echo Chambers at the Phoenix Sunstone conference. Recorded on Saturday March 11, 2017.

Ep 350 – Froback Friday – Book of Abraham Smackdown

Travel back in time to August 2014 for one of our first smackdown episodes as Jake, Bob, Randy, Scott, and Glenn discuss the then-recent essay on The Book of Abraham from

Ep 348 – Evaluating Evidence: Trump Dossier Ep. 4 – Cyber Crime, Crimea, and China

Scott, Matt, and Glenn read the next two portions of the Trump Dossier that deal with Russian cyber crime, and Paul Manafort’s role in softening the Republican National Committee’s platform on Crimea.

Ep 347 – Evaluating Evidence: Trump Dossier Ep. 3 – Let the Smackdown Begin

Scott, Matt, and Glenn begin reading from the Trump Dossier.  You know… Infant Smackdown style.  The text is linked below if you want to read along.  And don’t skip the easter egg at the end of this episode.  Unless you just really really want to.

Ep 346 – Evaluating Evidence: Trump Dossier Ep. 2 – Infants Disclaimer

What is “fake news?”  Scott, Matt, Jake, Bob and Glenn discuss whether or not evaluating the Trump Dossier is a good idea.  Let us know your opinions on the website.

Ep 345 – Of Whip Its and Weed: A Wonderful Doctor’s Wise Words of Wizardly Warning

Matt, Jake, and Scott talk to Dr. Josh Britt about the pros and cons of medical marijuana and the practice of doing “whip its.”

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