Ep 471 – Week of Tannehill – The Abrahamic Covenant

Posted April 16th, 2018

What is the Abrahamic covenant and why is it so important to Mormons like Mike Tannehill?  For listeners who do not know Mike Tannehill, get ready.  He’s making a return to the podcast soon.  So think of “The Week of Tannehill” as a year supply of sorts, preparing for the end times, this time with extra weevils.




  • John

    Damn I love Mike Tannehill. His point of view, while infuriating, is important to hear because it represents orthodox mormonism which is where my family and many friends remain. Listening to him and the other podcasters try to understand the Abrahamic Covenant is like watching a bunch of monkeys try to hump a football.

    Thanks for bringing back Tannehill. I think I might overdose on a full week of episodes but I’m glad he’s around.

  • Larry

    I’m listening to Mike Tannehil for the first time, and it is great. Hilarious.

    The part where he is explaining how keeping your covenants by living righteously seals your eternal marriage is counter to what Joseph Smith (and others) taught. The sealing is the second anointing.