Ep 427 – 2018 Listener Essay Contest

Listener Essay

Posted December 10th, 2017

Do you have something you want to say on Infants on Thrones? Now is your chance to say it, and possibly win a cash prize for doing it.

This episode contains 4 example essays:

“Testimony” by Glenn Ostlund (from 2008)
“Obedience” by Tom Perry (from 2008)
“Tangled” by Scott Rowley (from 2009)
“Testimony Update” by Glenn Ostlund (Dec 2017)

Click here for more details about the essay contest.




  • John

    Half of 218 is 109, not 106….Sorry I had to be that guy…

    • Glenn

      Lol! You got me!!! 🙂

  • O|oeeiieeo|O

    I’m enjoying the new scientifically mystical Glenn, I think getting some scientific knowledge of the brain on your humanities mindset is helpful.
    Here is something I keep hoping Glenn will admit to himself: this is his show. We all know it! I understand Glenn not wanting to becoming either one of the two johns, but he’s not he is Glenn, his own beast. But his effort at inclusiveness is admirable. But at some point, to keep pretending this show Glenn does all the work on isn’t more or less his show, well,
    That becomes its own strange thing, you know?

    • Glenn

      It’s an entire universe of strange things, isn’t it? Isn’t it wonderful (said with Hinkley-esque half-a-gag reflex).

      But thanks for the comment. The scientifically mystical TBM Whisperer who doesn’t want to make it all about himself. I’ll take it 🙂

  • Delaney Darco

    I know I missed the deadline for the contest this year, but can I still submit an essay for funsies?

    • Glenn

      There is a deadline? Please submit one.

      • Delaney Darco

        I read that the winner will be announced Feb 2018 so I just assumed. Roger roger.

        • Glenn

          Doh! You got me. I better change that! Thanks for letting me know.