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Ep 310 – The ExMo Guru Part Deux: Meditation as a Place to Go

Infants on Thrones proudly presents Tom Perry once again as The ExMo Guru in the most relevant brilliant earth-shattering performance of Brother Perry’s storied career (yes I am a huge homer of a Tom Perry fan, Rock Star that he is).  But don’t take my word for it.  Listen!  Listen now!  Your eternal relaxation depends on it!  And this salvation is free (it will only cost 21 minutes of your time and a small portion of your innocence).  What are you waiting for?  Listen already!

Ep 306 – Conversations with My Past, Present, and Future Gay Self: The Mormon Matrix

Benji takes us on a journey of the Mormon Matrix and tackles the ever-growing accounts of suicide ravaging the LGBT Mormon youth. Featuring conversations with a mother and a father of gay teens and mixed with badass music.

Ep 301 – The Word of Wingdom

Glenn makes a few announcements, reads a few listener emails, and shares the earth shattering new scripture for serious Wing Eaters: The Word of Wingdom.  Yes.  It is every bit as stupid as it sounds.

Text can be found here:
The Word of Wingdom

Ep 289 – Of Mothers and T-Shirts

Glenn sits down for a brief discussion with his mother about her faith crisis and elicits her sage advice for listeners of Infants on Thrones.  Which starts with how to get an IOT T-Shirt (or super awesome mug) of your very own.  Check out the T-Shirt Tab on our website,

Ep 283 – Upcoming Infants Live Event

Infants on Thrones will be at Sunstone once again this year, July 28-30. Listen in to what we are planning. You will also find a filthy dirty outtake from our latest clean recording with John Dehlin, the Reluctant Atheist. This is a short one. But you’ll love it. Or you won’t. We swear.

Ep 263 – Tribute to a Dear Friend

Glenn pays tribute to Kevin, his childhood friend. The guy who was in a private plane crash when he was 5 years old and lost all feeling in his legs; the guy who saw his wheelchair as a mark of his worthiness, or lack their of, and tragically took his own life at the young age of 31. Glenn was asked to speak at Kevin’s funeral back in November 2002, and recently found the audio of that speech, as well as some journal entries where he struggles with the doctrinal implications of Kevin’s death.

Ep 255 – Carl the Casual Satanist: Episode 4 – Carl Calls his Mother

In this, the 4th episode of Carl the Casual Satanist, Carl calls his mother to confront her about the surprise visit he received in Episode 3. (Special thanks to Heather for participating.)

Ep 253 – Randy vs. Heather

Randy finally convinces Heather that the Mormon Church is pure unadulterated evil and that no people of good conscience could associate themselves with it. Get your noisemakers and sparklers ready for the moment of Randy’s ultimate victory.

Ep 250 – Mormonism, Diablo, and Life as a Game

Bob walks us through the parallels between Mormonism and the game Diablo 3. What if Mormonism ultimately is just a role-playing game?

Ep 248 – The mostly somewhat very Best of 2015 from Infants on Thrones

In a best-of clip-show for the ages, and at finally for at long last, Dennis pulls back the proverbial curtain and introduces you to Billy, Sandy, Jasper, and Jim of Brainfard Productions, the actual real sorta-genuis-types behind Infants on Thrones. No joke. Unless it is. Thanks for a fun 2015. And who knows…

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