Ep 368 – Check-back from the Neck-flap


Posted May 1st, 2017

Glenn provides a brief update on the listener responses that have come in from yesterday’s episode (TLDL: no, we are not shutting down Infants on Thrones) and shares a particularly awesome mission story, if he does say so himself (And he does.  Trust me.  I know.  Cuz he is me, referring to himself in the third person.  Like a weirdo.  Trust me on that one, too).


  • AllredNakedSamurai

    Now I’ll never look at Brother Allred the same way. Next time in class I might ask him about the Mexican man…

    • Glenn

      Nope. Not Allred.

  • Duke of Earl Grey

    When I walk into a bathroom, I’m not an American. When I walk into a bathroom, I’m Russian…

  • Wanted to add my voice to the many supporters. One my favorite cousins who I haven’t spoken to in a long time texted me the other day to ask if I’d ever heard of “Infants on Thrones.” We’ve had some good chats since. Thanks for hanging on with the show. Love you guys!

  • Steve Steel

    Don’t quit yet! Here’s an idea for another podcast. I think you should do a podcast on the The backfire effect and how it relates to the church!

  • To be honest, I’m really all for some conversations or episodes about people at the tail end of their transition out of the church–selfishly because that’s where I’m at myself. I’ve unsubscribed to almost all things mormon and, more interestingly, almost all things exmormon too. IOT is still an occasional stopping point (really glad I caught these episodes!), but otherwise, I’m over the news, the updates from the community, the slings and arrows of outrageous PR kerfuffles….I’m just done.

    For me personally, the great and final transition came from the slow realization that an organization, community, culture, and heritage that I once thought explained and could encompass the whole of the cosmos…turned out to be so small in the rear view mirror. It’s a diminishing part of my life as the distance grows greater–though like many I’m still dealing with the reality of having friends or family members who remain deeply committed and likely will for the rest of our lives. I still remember the visceral shock at the change of scale.

    I’d be interested in hear from other people coming out on the other side of the collapse of one world view and the construction of new ones, and how they are moving on (and in what ways). If you guys keep going, this would be an interesting angle for a ex/post/whatever mormon listener like me!