Ep 375 – The Articles of (non)Faith


Posted May 26th, 2017

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are not in the middle of some major divisive conflicts between people we all appreciate and care about.  And instead, let’s ask ourselves the question “what are our shared moral values?”  That’s what Glenn does in this minisode.  And we desire all to receive it.

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  • John Daynes

    Sorry, but what is the major divisive conflict going on? I’ve been absorbed in national politics lately. Hey wait a minute, is that the divisive conflict?
    Loved the new articles of faith!!!

    • Kirk Smith

      It’s no fun to leave a pile of shit on somebody’s doorstep and tell them about it. The fun is watching them step in it ’cause they don’t know it’s there.

  • Amen to the Articles! Very well put.

    Except maybe the “all things” clauses. “Endure all things,” yes. Resilience is one of the most admirable and useful traits one can develop and possess. But “believe all things?” “Hope all things?” I never got that. Doesn’t that make one sort of an amorphous blob of undifferentiated gullibility? It reminds me of the Great American Corporate Paradigm of the last few decades: “Change is good!” No it’s not. Not always. It can be, but you need some descriptors in there, Bucky. Somebody needs to ‘splain at me how “believing all things” and “hoping all things” makes any sense, though I guess in your version it sort of gets qualified to some degree.

    And please don’t throw out something like “great facebook conflict” without a hint or at least a link to some expository discussion. If you can’t talk about it then don’t mention it at all. Points off for that.

  • Ryan Lee

    Man. It’s tough because I don’t think all the parties in that facebook conflict have many shared values other than having left the church. I think there is one party in particular that has only one article of non faith: My agenda trumps all. Alright, I don’t know any of these people personally, and perhaps it just seems that way. But I have a few friends that politicize every aspect of their lives, from waking to sleep, and I never know when i am going to offend them or let slip a joke that turns into a fight, or just screw up and get blasted for it. And at some point, I think we just let ourselves mutually drift away, or tried to kill each other some drunken late night. In any case, some of my best friendships have been with those I share almost nothing in common. Except for one thing, a sense of humor. But for personalities that say, “this viewpoint i have is more important than anything, or anyone else,” there will come a point that you probably can’t, or won’t want to, salvage that relationship. Having said that, I can respect their passion and ambition. I just don’t necessarily want to be a part of it.

  • Nonny

    Having spent the majority of my church life in Primary, I have to compliment you on the masterful editing of this piece. Having those AoF songs timed perfectly to both the narration and your comments. Brilliant!

  • C E

    At a recent pagan class I attended, a woman shared something that she found useful soon after she left the Baptist church: The belief statements of the Thelemites. They reminded me of the AoF, though they’re much more general (and there are only eleven):