Ep 338 – Mormon Hypocrisy Disguised as Legitimacy


Posted January 22nd, 2017

Bob is joined by himself to discuss the latest attack on John Dehlin’s research aka “John Dehlin and the Weaponization of Scientific Research” aka some Mormon blogger really wanting to be taken seriously.


  • Actually, Bob, that was very good. And its brevity will get me out of the house before 3:20 which is when I would have had to pause a longer episode to meet friends for Sunday dinner, so it played very well indeed. You got there by the end, but the whole time I was wondering, “Why doesn’t Mormon Dude fight fire with fire and turn his own weaponized scientific research on Dehlin and show him, goddammit!?” Think of the stuff we might all learn as the result of a weaponized scientific research arms race. If your beliefs can be threatened by honest-to-god peer-reviewed scientific research, you really, really need to take another look.

    Thanks for the mini-sode!

  • Gabriel von Himmel

    Bob your minisode work is great, a kick in the crotch and a stomp on the foot.
    Self peer-reviewed scientific research is the best research for the chosen.
    As JS said, “It alright to do it but don’t get caught.”
    Good on yu Bob Caswell, thanks

  • Nicole

    Bob, what is that excellent song at the end of the podcast?

  • Tim

    This is what happens when you are taught to equate the scientific method with the Alma 32 “experiment” method. With the former, you attempt to minimize bias from data to answer a question. With the latter, you actively use bias to select the data that supports your foregone conclusion (or, more likely, the foregone conclusion of some old white guy from Utah). And if that doesn’t work, you just muster up enough raw emotion or persecution identity to hold fast to the foregone conclusion in spite of all evidence to the contrary. Thanks for a satisfying minisode, Bob!