Ep 328 – The Hazards of SHONE


Posted December 6th, 2016

Glenn provides an update on the SHONE project (Short History of Nearly Everything) and asks for some SHONEY volunteers.  And then – since it is December and all — Glenn also shares some music from The Decembrists (get it?)   He may even sing for you.

Click here if you are interested in participating in the SHONE project:


Or click HERE if you are not.


  • The Decemberists’ album is kinda sorta vaguely reminiscent of Ian Anderson’s Thick As a Brick and Passion Play albums, concept albums on a singular theme that told a story. Even the use of the B3 in the background as a sort of squishy substrate to tie things together. I have been accused of being the only other person (besides Ian Anderson) on the planet to actually liked Passion Play, but I do. Thick As a Brick actually got some airplay back in the day, so I wasn’t the only one who liked that one. Anderson, Jethro Tull, et al had a penchant for themed albums, Warchild and Songs From the Wood among them, but Thick As a Brick and Passion Play had linear story lines that ran start to finish. I’ll have to check out the Decemberists.

  • Ryan Gregson

    Glad you shared that Decemberists album, I’ll have to check it out. Haven’t listened to them really since The Crane Wife. But sounds like I like the direction they’ve gone.

  • Cliff

    Now I KNOW you are the one true podcast. I have recently started getting into The Decemberists, and I bought this album the day before you aired this episode. I know that the same podcast god that inspired me to buy The Hazards of Love also inspired you to record this episode and release it when you did. Thank you Infants, for staying close to the holy podcast ghost.

    • Actually, Irreligiosphy claims to be the One True Podcast and has for a few years now. Maybe there could be a Cast Off, a Battle of the Blogs, as it were, to determine which really is the rilly fer rill One True Podcast.

  • Ellen

    This SHONEY project sounds so awesome. The Spirit must have prompted me, because I’ve actually fallen behind in my IoT listening but came back just in time to hear about this. 😉

    But seriously, this would be a great series. Any excuse to re-read Bryson.

  • Thanks for introducing me to the Decemberists! This album is my new favorite thing to listen to.