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Ep 420 – Masculine Manly Men: The Smackdown – Part 1

Mass shootings. Sexual assault. Why do men keep doing horrible things? Glenn, Matt, Jake, Lindsay, and Paige smack around the article “Thoughts on Vegas, and Why Men Keep Doing This” by author Charlie Hoehn.

Ep 414 – Infant General Conference – Oct 2017

It’s general conference parody time again. Enjoy.

Ep 403 – Grudges Part 1

Tom leads a discussion on Grudges part one with a clip that includes Bob, Matt, Glenn and Scott and then finishes with a panel discussion with Jake and Matt.

Ep 396 – Infants on Rick and Morty – Episode 1

Randy, Jake, Heather, and John discuss the mind-blowingly intelligentertainmentism that is Rick and Morty. And honest, that is totally a real-ish-tic word.

Ep 392 – Froback Friday: How to Marry a Mormon

What happens when you mix “The Singles Ward” with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” The Infants read Glenn’s old screenplay “How to Marry a Mormon.”

Ep 390 – Andrew’s Court of Love

Heather leads Randy and Jake through a spectacular interview with National Geographic travel writer Andrew Evans. Andrew is a former Mormon who was excommunicated for his sexuality. He tells that story in his new book “The Black Penguin.” Heather, Randy, Jake, and Andrew take turns dramatizing key moments from the book. This is an incredible episode of Infants on Thrones. You won’t want to miss it.

Here is a video we made of the dramatized portions of this episode:

Ep 379 – Outrage BONUS episode

Which Infant once wrote in his mission journal, “I think God hates me.  So I’m gonna do everything I can to get into the celestial kingdom — just to spite Him!”  You will find out on today’s episode as Matt, Bob, Tom, Jake and Glenn continue our discussion about outrage by reflecting on our mission experiences and reading entries from our old mission journals.  Glenn also explains more about our new Patreon page to encourage you all to support our creative efforts going forward.  Click below to find out more:


Ep 378 – Outrage

Matt, Bob, Tom, Jake and Glenn talk about outrage in today’s social media age in a fun and spirited throwback Infant-kind-of way.  We also have some excellent bonus content for listeners who join our new Patreon page to support our creative efforts going forward.  Click below to find out more:


Ep 377 – Zach and Friends and Mormon Cred

This episode of Infants on Thrones may very well change the experience of podcasting forever!  At least it will for the people who’s podcasting experiences are forever changed by this episode.  Will you be one of them?

Also…  Bob’s Mormon Cred Scale.  What an Easter Egg!

Ep 374 – Against Empathy

Heather, Jake, Tom and Glenn weigh the pros and cons of empathy – as informed by Paul Bloom and Brene Brown.

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