Ep 472 – Week of Tannehill – The Apostasy

Panel Discussion

Posted April 17th, 2018

Glenn takes you back to the 4th episode of Infants on Thrones, originally published in September 2012.  It is a surprisingly good Radio Lab styled episode, centering on the narrative structure of “loss and restoration” found both in and out of the Mormon church.  Mike Tannehill also provides some criteria by which one may determine if a church is in apostasy.  (Be careful Mike.  This was recorded pre-essays on LDS.com, buddy!)





  • Larry

    I am enjoying listening to these, but you guys need to brush up on your Greek. Apostle/apostasy both obviously contain the same Greek preposition “apo,” “away,” but the former is from the verb stem “stell-” “to send” and the latter, “stas-,” is from a form of the Greek verb meaning “to stand.” So apostell-would mean to send away while apostas- means to stand away (from). Apostasia in Greek actually has the specific meaning of “defection,” as in defection form a church or religious creed.

  • Larry

    Two more comments: the “dark ages” were only dark for Europe. The world did not lose all of its knowledge (yes, some, but the way its portrayed is wholly Eurocentric); look no further than Arab science, philosophy, philology, etc. This was their floruit. In re animal sacrifice, it is not apparent that you are aware Joseph Smith taught that this must also be reinstated. Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. I’m sorry I don’t have my copy handy, so cannot give edition and page number.