Ep 420 – Masculine Manly Men: The Smackdown – Part 1


Posted October 21st, 2017

Mass shootings. Sexual assault. Why do men keep doing horrible things? Glenn, Matt, Jake, Lindsay, and Paige smack around the article “Thoughts on Vegas, and Why Men Keep Doing This” by author Charlie Hoehn.





  • Thomas Moore

    Great discussion; but in “defense” of my gender. Let’s deal with a few other facts.

    1) More mentally ill women think of committing suicide; but men actually go through with it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_differences_in_suicide

    2) When women have the power for mass murders or killings, they don’t do it themselves but do have it done for them. e.g. Queen Bloody Mary of England, Joan of Arc, (Salome didn’t kill John the Baptist, but she gets the rap), the Witch Accusers of Salem, Countess Elizabeth Bathory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_B%C3%A1thory

    3) Men do more physical bullying and physical attacks; but it seems that women do just as much verbal, financial, social abuses.

    4) What may be bad in Men’s genes, hormones, brains… isn’t all bad. Let’s really look at history of women in combat; could a woman become an Audie Murphy type hero? Their heroism is usually in espionage or resistance or through examples of strength (Sojourner Truth, Sufferage Movements, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks)

  • Jason Jordan Smith

    I remember hearing Dr. Jordan Peterson saying that women are often more physically aggressive, but when men do it it causes more obvious damage, and are subsequently incarcerated for it. That’s sure to affect statistics. Physical violence is somethimg that men had a knack for, and it served an evolutionary function. Nowadays, society pretty much expect men to wear pussy hats and identify as some other of the 70 genders that apparently exist (sa the post-modernists). To quote Jurassic Park, “T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed. T-Rex wants to hunt!”

    • Thomas Moore

      hmmm? Evolutionary though. It’s the males who seem to produce the plumage, color to attract the females. It’s the males who fight to kill off the other males for mating rights; but it’s the females who do most of the hunting and protection for the kids. So even though men seem to fight for what they believe are “manly” and masculine reasons; it seems men commit murder suicides more often because they’ve lost power over their wives and family; but women commit just as much child abuse as men, some women kill their children for being the cause of their illnesses, situations https://www.thoughtco.com/mothers-who-kill-their-children-971322

      So to be the safest, should we disallow men to have guns, since most women would only use them for protection or for hunting to provide for their family?

      • Jason Jordan Smith

        I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but I’ll say that the evolutionary purpose out men being violent had more to do with tribalism and protection. Men are more reproductively expendable, so they evolved to be the risk-takers. Hence, they’re more likely to be involved in behaviors that involve violence. The gun thing: I don’t know what you mean. If you think outlawing men from having guns will change anything, that’s some serious naivite. It might make the issue worse actually.

  • Gabriel von Himmel

    When raised in the proper climate our testosterone laden boys become men and so it goes.

    I created an Icon for this malaise of over-objectification. This trophy of objectification was shown in Maxes Tavern in Eugene for over a year and a half before a Radical Feminist Metal band petitioned to have it removed or they’d trash the place. I believe their energy was based on a misplaced understanding of the sentiment expressed.

    Militant feminists forget the twisted horns of conquest is inculcated in the male both genetically and socially.
    as in the grateful dead refrain, “We’ll share the women. we’ll share the wine.”
    Yes we do care like in a hysterical way not like a heroic figures in a social movement but armed only with redundant platitudes.

    Synthetic Realism: This image is not a universal truth but submitted for understanding only

    • I like it, but you got the town wrong. Everyone I know in Eugene is a screamin’ ass lib’ral—like me. That piece belongs in a bar in Lubbock or Tulsa or Amarillo or someplace where it would draw more worshipers than detractors.

      Embrace the Void, y’all!

  • Ted Hansen

    If the shootings had been done by a woman – and it wouldn’t have, not in a million years, I admit – but if it had been, would we ask, why do WOMEN do this? Or would we ask, why did THIS WOMAN, or even more aptly, why did THIS PERSON do this?

    Did we blame Andrea Yates’s filicide on toxic femininity, scapegoating the problem off onto 50% of the human race – women?

    Susan Smith’s?

    Casey Anthony’s?

    Love the discussion, especially when you focus on the mental health aspect behind such heinous acts. I only take issue with “Why do men?”.

    Most don’t.

    Keep up the good work and, please, more Camper Van Beethoven – don’t let anyone shame you for your fine musical flourishes!

  • Gabriel von Himmel

    ps. On the thread below:
    In the Severly Twisted Trophy,
    Is a placard written in bold print
    YOUR NAME HERE . . .