Ep 497 – Contest Winners and (sorta) “Best Of” Minisodes of Yore


Posted June 1st, 2018

Glenn announces the winners of the May 2018 Listener Essay contest and then breathes new life into six fantastic Infant minisodes of the past.







  • Matt’s talk brought to mind a type of service I hadn’t thought of before, something that might be more valuable than being baptized for a dead person or receiving their temple ordinances for them. What if temple workers would undergo medical procedures on other’s behalf? The church could go through the medical records in the local hospitals and find a person who, for instance, had never had a colonoscopy or was due for a follow up. Then a temple worker could be assigned to receive a colonoscopy on behalf of the delinquent (or perhaps dead) person. Temple workers could undergo dialysis on another’s behalf, chemo therapy, gall bladder surgery, you name it. In many cases there would be some real sacrifice involved. Hmmmmm . . .

    • Gabriel von Himmel

      Yes, and not to mention cosmetic surgery or botox injections, wart burning or corn and bunion removal. It’s an open field for a new growth industry. All that is needed is yet another revelation beyond baptizing the dead or the search for delightsomness. Indulgences are many and easily accomplished with prophetic fiat.