Ep 378 – Outrage

Panel Discussion

Posted June 11th, 2017

Matt, Bob, Tom, Jake and Glenn talk about outrage in today’s social media age in a fun and spirited throwback Infant-kind-of way.  We also have some excellent bonus content for listeners who join our new Patreon page to support our creative efforts going forward.  Click below to find out more:








  • Thomas Moore

    Hey Glenn I tried to click on the link and it was coming up on a blank page. Just to note. You guys owe Jeremy and John a big apology and an acknowledgement to your listeners. You guys are asking for donations through paypal, now you’re setting up a subscription service through Patreon to offset your costs. Yet listen to minutes 7:22-8:45; hmmm??? Will I be signing up for a subscription to repeat performances and throwbacks? It seems that at least 1/3 of the episodes are just that…repeats.

    • Fair criticism on the repeats/throwbacks, we’ll have to evaluate how best to adjust the model to account for that… or not, lol. Meaning, the lazy person in me wants to offer you the solution that you simply choose a value per episode you’re willing to pay (and then deduct 30% to offset this point you brought up) and pick the tier closed to whatever that reduced amount is. Problem solved.

      As for Jeremy and John, I thought I did apologize to John? As for Jeremy, the difference here is our approach: we produced 300+ episodes and now are trying some new stuff on top of what we are already doing. Just ignore it if you don’t like it, and you’ll get the same content as before. That’s a bit different than doing one thing and then hoping to capitalize on the success of that one thing.

      • Thomas Moore

        Yes, I’m criticizing the lack of new content. You guys don’t accept requests. I don’t have any exmo’s around me to have my own skype panel; otherwise I would attempt to produce a couple. I think you guys have gotten into your own “Echo Chamber” when you let teaching opportunities go by like Black History Month, Pride Month, Memorial Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vFpKYx_FqU. There’s history being made that is being lost by dwelling on Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and after that????. The directions of Brigham Young to set up the Mexican Colonies so that 20 years later, the Mormons would have to leave everything behind to escape the Mexican Revolution? The taking away of the White Horse Prophecy because Glenn Beck tried to use it against Obama so in 2010 LDS inc said it was never doctrine or prophecy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Horse_Prophecy yet the prophecy could be pointing at the “Now Times” . The corporation has gotten rid of all prophecies and directions on food storage or prepare for the “Latter Days”
        So I don’t mind the Throwbacks and they do refresh some of the things that were going on. And I appreciate that you guys are using your personal time and expense to produce these podcasts. I just wanted to find out what was going to be new and on patreon.

    • Glenn

      Content available on Patreon will be exclusive, original material. More creative and experimental than what we do with our normal feed. It’s going to be fun.

      • Thomas Moore

        I tried to login. I think I’m getting the notice that “Infants on Thrones are creating”

        • Glenn

          Sorry. I don’t know how to troubleshoot this for you, Thomas. It seems to be working for others. Do you see a red “become a patron” button?

  • Zeke

    Where is Hamer??? During times of turmoil and the big issues involving politics, religion, government, domestic and foreign conflict, more of John’s perspective would be welcome.

    You guys have done some great work smacking down the mormon prophet and apostles, why not branch out and smack down some evangelical leaders, media folks, politicians, alt right militias, etc. I hate this idea of giving religious institutions a free pass to get involved in politics, for example. If the new message is that God wants the faithful to overthrow the U.S. government, well, forewarned is forearmed…..

  • Bill

    I like the Patreon Platform and will be glad to add you to my list. The one issue I have is that I am not smart enough to figure out how to listen to Patreon Bonus content on my IPhone. Any hints? Usually bonus content is a commercial free version of the show and I don’t mind missing it. Yours is the first bonus content that I am truly interested in so I guess I will have to figure this out.

    • Bill

      OK, I really don’t want to be obtuse but how in the heck do I paste a web site address (rss feed?) into iTunes? Trying desperately to access the bonus material….

  • Glenn
  • Orrin Dayne

    Matt doing an impression of Bob’s “dismissive impression voice” towards Bob was gold. I also love that Bob noted Matt’s attempt.

    • Glenn

      Now we need to see if Bob can do Matt as well as he does Oaks!

  • Jason Jordan Smith

    K, so I had to bite. I went to the blog mentioned in this episode entitled “Nordic Sunrise” and here are my thoughts. It’s weird, I think she’s probably batshit crazy, but I’m not sure I see where the white supremacist in her comes out. Is it because she talks about being of European descent and celebrating that? Is it because of the title of the blog? Has she said something completely whacked out that makes her deserving of that label? There are plenty of other blogs and websites that do the same for other races/cultures, but I don’t see them labeled as supremacist in any way.I could be completely wrong, but to me she doesn’t quite fit the bill of white supremacist. Whacky and ultra-conservative…maybe. But “white supremacist”…not feeling it. Oh…and I’m not “outraged” by this either. 🙂

    • Matt

      That wasn’t the specific Mormon blogger that I was thinking about when I mentioned it.

    • That was the blog I was thinking of. Here’s how she describes herself in the comments of the website’s “About” page: “I’m not strictly a WN [White Nationalist]. I believe in WN for Europe but I’m more like a white-majority nationalist for America.”

      One of the core purposes of the blog is “the quest to keep our countries from being over run with migrants and illegal aliens.”

      She issued a “white baby challenge” as an effort to maintain the white majority in America.

      She promotes and organizes Mormon alt-Right gatherings.

      She attends and promotes speeches by white supremacist Richard Spencer.

      This goes beyond just “whacky” or “ultra-conservative.” There’s a specific and aggressively racist bent.

  • aerin64

    I love the idea of donating to kiva, both when a tragedy happens, but perhaps also for some country you never hear about in the media. Like Botswana.

  • When I was a kid we only ever had rainbow Christmas lights, inside and out. Of course, there were no gay people back then, so we didn’t know to be outraged one way or the other. One lady on our street did a silver foil artificial tree with only blue lights and only blue metallic ornaments. It was actually beautiful in an artsy-fartsy sort of way, but I actually overheard people say they felt sorry for her family because Christmas wasn’t something to “experiment” with. Little did they know . . .

  • Tim

    I think outrage is often if not usually sparked by ignorance. That is to say, it’s easy to be outraged if you don’t understand the different perspectives or background or other complexities. When I hear something outrageous, I generally assume there must be more to the story that I don’t know or don’t understand. Most people try to do what they believe is justifiable. Many people make foolish errors, but I cringe to hear those who are outraged label their opposition as stupid idiots.

    • Yes! Great point. The other issue that feeds into this is how we humans tend to react after learning our outrage was misguided. Spoiler alert: we don’t usually react well. To be unconvinced of your unjustified outrage requires some special sauce beyond, you know, basic evidence (that you didn’t see the first time) in order for you to admit fault in your zealous outrage.

      • Tim

        Right on. Righteous indignation feels so good. Right, left, TBM, or exmo — as groups we all have our guilty pleasures of self-righteousness. Fox News is always going in my office at work, and sometimes it drives my coworkers into a frenzy. Then they turn to me and ask “Can you believe…?!” But they’re not really interested in understanding the issue at hand. Like you say, they are not looking for contrary evidence or perspective. They just want another voice to chime in to the chorus of outrage. The pleasure of outrage increases when you get others to join in.

        • As an aside sorta, I worked in the defense/aerospace biz for 35-odd years one time and, yes, the TV in the break room was always tuned to Fox News (or the rough equivalent thereof). Except at GE. You see, GE owned (owns?) NBC, so at GE sites, the break room and lobby TVs were tuned to MSNBC, the company-owned news channel and the remotes were locked up.

          The Dollar is our Lord and we have no other gods before it.