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Ep 779 – Reflections: Infants on Mormons Stories

Welcome to January 2022.  The Infants on Thrones podcast will be turning 10 years old this year. To reflect upon the impact that this podcast has made on my life — and the impact that my life has made on this podcast — I am creating a 13-part series called “Reflections” that will run through the month of January.
This episode commemorates the moment of our “Dehlin bump” in 2014 when our listenership tripled — a significant time in the history of this podcast. It is also interesting to look back at what we all said we thought would happen with the podcast (and with the Mormon church), and to see what actually has happened with the podcast (and the mormon church).  Enjoy!

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Ep 762 – The Righteous Mind (FroBack)

Jake, Heather, and Glenn discuss Jonathan Haidt’s book “The Righteous Mind.”  Originally published March 2017.

Ep 717 – Murder Among the Mormons, P1

Glenn is joined by fellow infants Heather Craw, Jake Frost, and John Hamer to discuss the Mark Hoffman documentary Murder Among the Mormons that is streaming on Netflix.
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Ep 697 – The Triumphant Return of Brother Jake

Two years ago, on November 28, 2018, our dear friend and creative collaborator, Jake Frost, suffered cardiac arrest at the tender age of 31.  He has clawed his way back to life, and has returned to share his story and his thanks with you listeners.  It is an inspiring episode that puts many things into perspective.  If you would like to share a message with Jake, please email us at  Enjoy!

Ep 687 – Infant General Conference Oct 2020, Session 1

A life with God is a life without fear.  Even a fear of losing blessings because of drinking coffee, right?

Ep 683 – Truth vs Fiction, Part 2: Who Wrote the Book of Mormon (Joseph Smith?)

What is truth? What is fiction? Was Joseph Smith the sole author of the Book of Mormon? Was it Solomon Spaulding? Glenn and Randy talk with historian John Hamer about Book of Mormon authorship.

IOT 676 – Bob’s Superlative Disorder (Fro Back)

What is the most important thing ever? This is, of course.

Ep 674 – How to Marry a Mormon Part 2 (Fro Back)

Originally published in July 2015, the performs and smacks down Glenn’s goofy screenplay.

Ep 673 – How to Marry a Mormon Part 1 (Fro Back)

Originally published in July 2015, the performs and smacks down Glenn’s goofy screenplay.

Ep 671 – Little Factories (Fro Back)

One of our best episodes ever.  First published in July 2014, this may be the very first word-for-word, pick-it-apart Infant Smackdown.

In 1976, our favorite LDS Apostle, Boyd K. Packer gave a talk in priesthood session “To Young Men Only” that was not subsequently published in the Ensign the following month, nor can it be found as a conference talk on today. It was turned into a pamphlet in 1981 “To Young Men Only” and that text is available on but the audio and video are not on the official website of the LDS church.

But we Infants found an audio copy. And in this episode, Glenn, Tom, Matt, and Jake dissect it as it has never been dissected before. Hold on to your little factories, cuz this is gonna be a good one.

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