Ep 379 – Outrage BONUS episode

Panel Discussion

Posted June 13th, 2017

Which Infant once wrote in his mission journal, “I think God hates me.  So I’m gonna do everything I can to get into the celestial kingdom — just to spite Him!”  You will find out on today’s episode as Matt, Bob, Tom, Jake and Glenn continue our discussion about outrage by reflecting on our mission experiences and reading entries from our old mission journals.  Glenn also explains more about our new Patreon page to encourage you all to support our creative efforts going forward.  Click below to find out more:








  • Swaggy

    Congrats, Jake! I really enjoyed this episode. I heard this glee from all of you as you time-traveled back to your younger, more-naive selves.

    Tom, find your mission journals!

    • Thanks! It was a ton of fun. And I vote for hearing Tom’s mission journals too.

  • Swaggy

    And when you read your journal entrys, Tom, make sure to include your Tom-sighs whenever appropriate.

  • RWalk

    I’ve been listening/lurking to Infants on Thrones since … well, the beginning I guess. I always listen while I drink beer and wash dishes. I had to stop washing since I was laughing out loud so hard at the journal entries and discussion.
    Things got a little too real with Jake’s journals. I know that must have been hard to read, but I have never heard anything capture my mormon experience quite as beautifully and horrifically as the “well, I followed the rules so you have to take me God, even if you hate me.” Thank you for sharing those personal moments with us. Thanks for producing this content. This episode was good enough to sacrifice the earth inheritance I had waiting for me as a lurker.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad it resonated with you. Those were some dark times for me, but I’m glad my journaling paid off in the end 🙂