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Ep 378 – Outrage

Matt, Bob, Tom, Jake and Glenn talk about outrage in today’s social media age in a fun and spirited throwback Infant-kind-of way.  We also have some excellent bonus content for listeners who join our new Patreon page to support our creative efforts going forward.  Click below to find out more:


Ep 217 – Froback Friday – Bob’s Musical Faith Crisis Prayer and Stuff Like That

Have you ever wanted to laugh during a prayer? Have you ever wondered what Glenn sounded like as a 19-year-old missionary full of missionary zeal (or at least full of something)? Have you ever wanted to hear Bob sing all about his faith crisis (or, even better, have you ever wanted to comment on Bob’s singing cred?)

Well, if any of those describe your particularly uncomfortable itch, then today’s Froback Friday episode is definitely gonna scratch it. And then some.

Ep 169 – Saturday’s Warrior Smackdown

Join Randy, Matt, John and Glenn for an introspective and occasionally on-tune critique of the great Mormon classic Saturday’s Warrior. It is our very first sing-a-long Smackdown: A John Hamer production. Enjoy! (we did)

Ep 19 – Manacled Mormon in Sex Chains

Glenn, Tom, Jesse, and Randy have a panel discussion centered around the movie “Tabloid” which tells the story of an eccentric woman who kidnaps the Mormon missionary of her dreams. They are later joined by Matt to discuss the legal implications of the event.

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