Ep 314 – Infant General Conference – Oct 2016


Posted October 16th, 2016

It’s time for Infant General Conference again.  You know the drill.






  • Swagavad Gita

    “You might call it, ‘planned parenthood.'” Lol.

  • Swagavad Gita

    Missed Tom, Matt, Scott, and Hamer!

    • Randy_Snyder

      Hamer doesn’t get GC as he never watched it as a kid and left the church shortly after being old enough to vote. Lucky bastard…

      • Swagavad Gita

        We all have our cross to bear, I suppose.

    • Matt

      Aw, thanks. Scott and I started a law firm so we’re keeping or heads down with work, but we shall return.

  • Is that Scala & Kolacny Brothers? I love them but had completely forgotten them. I need to find that album again. I suppose it’s all on YouTube nowadays. Music, no matter how meaningful to begin with, is just revealed on a completely different level when sung by a girls choir. When these girls sing, it’s always dawn. Even when they sing “Creep.”

    “Givers of the Grift.” That’s what I’m going to call the priesthood in my new religion.

    • Yes. I love them, too. Been wanting to use that one for a while, just looking for the right occasion.

  • Mensch

    OMG, that version of “Creep,” interspersed with and juxtaposed against those audio clips from “prophets, seers, and revelators,” was completely unexpected and had me in tears. Powerful and sobering. I love the levity of IoT conference editions, but thank you for reminding us at the end why, when all is said and done, much of what the Brethren dictate — particularly on this issue — is no laughing matter. It is life or death. I needed this.

  • Manzoku

    I was almost crying during A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief. I was afraid it would end the way it did. And then again with Creep …

  • Brenda

    I love the gen conf. episodes! This one was no different.. so so great! Like everyone else, I loved the song at the end, so moving. Hey, was Heathers talk based on an actual talk like the “where will you go” talk was?

    Anyway, thumbs up guys! I always look forward to Infants Conference! 😀

    • It was based on two talks from the women’s session.

  • Jaaromy Zierse

    To all of you, that was amazing and perfect.

    Heather, you broke my heart and made me cry. At work.

    Will all sincerity, thank you.

  • jeanbodie

    Amazing!! I laughed and laughed and then cried at the end. “Cruelty with a Smile”.

  • Ryan Gregson

    Heather’s accent was so spot on I couldn’t tell where parody ended and where genuine Utah affectations started.

    • Randy_Snyder

      Heather did grow up in Nowheresville Utah. 😉

  • Jimbo

    Entertaining, but I wish that was more of an analysis and discussion of the Conference Talks. Oh well, beggars can’t be choosers!

    • Matt

      Here’s Matt’s analysis: They sucked and were dismissive of real world problems. 🙂

  • lobizao

    Jake and Heather kicked ass, as usual

  • Terri

    Great episode. Love the song – You really did hit it out of the park with that closing song, as Brother Loquacious said in his prayer. I would like to see the song up on You Tube with lyrics scrolling in the background or lyrics on the screen. Excellent work.

  • alta_parent

    So called infants….top 5 reasons why conference parodies rule
    5. Where will you go…
    4. Gary and Stan song
    3. Priesthood wands
    2. White sausage club
    1. So fucking special
    Well done

    • Yes, the Wasatch White Sausage Club will live on in the annals of exmo podcasting history.

  • Flackerman

    Excellent job as always guys, although Heather’s impersonation was by far the highlight. The song at the end was chilling and powerful.

  • Jared Davidson

    great review … blah blah … end quote.

  • Jesus H. Christ

    All of the talks and songs were brilliant. Too many genius one-liners in all of them to call out specifically. Five stars. Looking forward to the extra special VIP bonus listener-generated episode!

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  • Ian

    Another great conference episode! Not quite as funny as October 2015 but just as good or better at revealing their bullshit agenda. This one was more targeted and effective in ripping open the true meaning and intent behind their talks. Also the songs were truly powerful!!! That rendition of creep was simply amazing! I was however super disappointed that I didn’t get to hear Packer come back from the dead again. I was hoping Packer appearances would continue because the impersonation is so good that I can’t hold back the loud laughter.

    Ps. I finally left a 5* rating on iTunes. Your prayer was answered! Proof that god does answer prayers you damn athiests!

  • Brock

    I know I’m late to this party, but I just wanted @HeatherCraw:disqus to know that I’ve played “they’re femnists, they’re homosechuls, they’re intellechuls” over and over again. It kills me.