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Ep 719 – Anger and General Conference Parody Episodes: The Prequel

Does general conference make you angry?  Whatchya gonna do about that?


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Ep 694 – The Path to Mt Fuji and Egregores

A few more musings from your friendly neighborhood Infant.

Ep 692 – Ghost Story Goodie Bag

A delicious mix of spooky Mormon-flavored creepiness, Infant-style.  Happy Halloween 2020.

Ep 681 – The Life and Times of Stephen Erastus Knudsen III

One of my favorite pieces of Mormon satire, the RM who doesn’t know what that R really means.

Ep 498 – Shadow the Lamanite, P3

Glenn continues the next few chapters in his “Shadow the Lamanite” book project.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey to provide feedback and to sign up if you would like to be part of a working group on this project.

Ep 401 – Weird Nutty Mormon History

How many Mormon Priesthood leaders does it take to rob a train? Which LDS prophet was poisoned a few days after attending a Bohemian Club in San Fransisco? Kenneth Lines has found a lot of nutty things in Mormon History. Just nutty, I tell ya. And he talks about a lot of them with Glenn, Bob, and John Hamer. And the nuttiest part is that you get to listen.

Ep 399 – Hamer on Strang

John Hamer talks about Joseph Smith successor James Strang and the impressive engravings on Strang’s Vorhee Plates. This is John’s presentation from Salt Lake City Sunstone 2017.

Ep 396 – Infants on Rick and Morty – Episode 1

Randy, Jake, Heather, and John discuss the mind-blowingly intelligentertainmentism that is Rick and Morty. And honest, that is totally a real-ish-tic word.

Ep 386 – Infants on Game of Thrones: P1 – Wypipo Guilt on Parade

Glenn and Matt’s smack up of Michael Harriot’s “The Black Person’s Guide to Game of Thrones” ultimately leads to a discussion about Passive Aggressiveness in Mormon Culture.

Video version available here:

Ep 383 – That SHONE Episode thingy

At long last. Here it is. Glenn and a bunch of listeners guide you through the Universe. Bang. A big one. And don’t worry — you always end up right where you started when exploring the universe. Because, you know…. science.

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