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Ep 314 – Infant General Conference – Oct 2016

It’s time for Infant General Conference again.  You know the drill.

Ep 313 – Remarkable Development

Matt and Glenn try (and maybe sorta momentarily succeed, we hope) to sift away all partisanship from conversations from this past crazy week and focus on the one unifying message that everyone should agree on.  Lewd and derogatory male attitudes towards women can no longer be considered acceptable in our world.  It’s about much more than politics now.  It’s about our mothers, and daughters, and wives, and friends.  It’s about improving our shared social morality.  Positive words can have a measurable impact on the physical world.  That isn’t just magical thinking.  We’re hoping the words of this episode will add our small piece to this current critical mass to make this moment of awareness one that will transform our world and not be soon forgotten.  And Matt shares a clip from the Simpsons.

Ep 302 – The New Atheist’s Guide to Not Being a Total Asshole: Episode 4 (Music)

Tune in this week as Sage interviews the wildly talented R. John Williams from the band Faded Paper Figures.  Together they talk about the power of music to transform us, to enlighten us and to best express all of our pent up ex-Mormon angst.

Ep 298 – Infants on Road Trips: The Sunstone

Matt and Glenn talk about their recent experience at Sunstone and a bunch of other fun, thought-provoking, interesting stuff — including three-patterns like that one — and tease a few future episode topics.

Ep 295 – R.M. Contract Smackdown

Glenn, Heather, and Jake get together to smack down a “Returned Missionary Contract” that has been circulating the bloggernacle recently. Fun times and terrifying flashbacks ensue.

Ep 290 – D&C 132 For Kids

How to discuss the scriptures with your kids.  Or at least how Glenn did it.  And recorded it.  One time.

Ep 286 – Priesthood Power and the Magic Worldview

John Hamer teaches Glenn, Randy, and Jake a thing or two about the LDS priesthood. And its origins. And its authority. And its power. And the magical-ness of the Mormon Worldview. And it is funny. And informative. And will tickle your ears, warm your hearts, and engorge your brains. Do not seek the treasure (we thought you was a toad).

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