Ep 402 – Words from the Dust: Joseph H. Jackson, Pt 1


Posted September 21st, 2017

Joseph H. Jackson is perhaps the poor man’s John C Bennett. Both men published exposes on Joseph Smith. Bennett’s work is better known. Jackson’s is lesser known. Both are equally fascinating. This is the first part of a multiplayer-part series.


  • Loren Black

    I love the reading. I had previously read in the Nauvoo Neighbor that Hyrum said that William Law paid Joseph Jackson to kill Joseph Smith. Smear campaign? Joseph Jackson seems perhaps disreputable – but it is far fetched to think that William Law would conspire to murder.

  • TGD

    Everyone on this site has a normal picture except Glenn. He seems to want everyone to look up his nose.

  • Ophanim

    Jackson’s view on the Hosea3 justificaiton for polyandry makes a lot more sense than anything Brian Hales has written.

  • DJ jRON

    Loved the bumper tunes and accent of Joseph Jackson. Love this podcast

  • Jeff

    Holy cow! Such a well-done and eye-opening podcast. How much can we trust this guy to be telling the truth? I am waiting excitedly for the next few installments of this series.

  • Anon_Me

    When is the next part?? It’s been over a month! Hoping it’s soon!

  • brother_f

    Is there an update on when part 2 is coming out?