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Ep 596 – The Alchemist and the Vampire – A Parable

Matt gives us minisode by sharing a parable loaded with metaphors.

Ep 510 – Missionary Dream Log, P3

Glenn reads two more entries from his 1991 Mormon Missionary dream log, and also responds to an excellent listener comment providing Jungian analysis to a dream from part 2 of this series.  When is a phallic symbol more than just a phallic symbol?  Tune in to find out.

Ep 507 – Missionary Dream Log, P2

Glenn reads more entires from the missionary dream log that he kept as a Mormon Missionary from 1991-1993.

Ep 504 – Missionary Dream Log, P1

Glenn reads two entires from the missionary dream log that he kept as a Mormon Missionary from 1991-1993.

Ep 497 – Contest Winners and (sorta) “Best Of” Minisodes of Yore

Glenn announces the winners of the May 2018 Listener Essay contest and then breathes new life into six fantastic Infant minisodes of the past.

Ep 479 – Infant Singer Songwriter Contest

Glenn shares some songs he wrote back in 2009 and asks listeners, “hey, any fellow songwriters interested in doing a songwriting contest on Infants on Thrones?”  Seriously.  He really asks that.  Enjoy.

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Ep 464 – Joseph Bishop Timeline

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Ep 430 – Matt’s Christmas Story: Putting the Jesus back in X-Mas

Matt shares a recording that he made with his family on Christmas eve, where he discusses his recent rediscovery the value of Jesus.

Ep 402 – Words from the Dust: Joseph H. Jackson, Pt 1

Joseph H. Jackson is perhaps the poor man’s John C Bennett. Both men published exposes on Joseph Smith. Bennett’s work is better known. Jackson’s is lesser known. Both are equally fascinating. This is the first part of a multiplayer-part series.

Ep 380 – Infant Investigative Journalism 101: Of Testimonies and 12-Year-olds

Glenn takes a hard-hitting, investigative journalistic approach to Fair Mormon’s recent blog post: “Of Testimonies and Twelve Year Olds.” Thank you, Fair Mormon, for placing this Savannah 12-year-old-lesbian testimony-bearing thingy into the proper context. I don’t know where we would be without you.

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