Ep 365 – Froback Friday – Little Factories


Posted April 21st, 2017

One of our best episodes ever.  First published in July 2014, this may be the very first word-for-word, pick-it-apart Infant Smackdown.

In 1976, our favorite LDS Apostle, Boyd K. Packer gave a talk in priesthood session “To Young Men Only” that was not subsequently published in the Ensign the following month, nor can it be found as a conference talk on LDS.org today. It was turned into a pamphlet in 1981 “To Young Men Only” and that text is available on LDS.org but the audio and video are not on the official website of the LDS church.

But we Infants found an audio copy. And in this episode, Glenn, Tom, Matt, and Jake dissect it as it has never been dissected before. Hold on to your little factories, cuz this is gonna be a good one.





  • Katie

    This was hilarious! That talk was so disturbing. Can you imagine a GA speaking like this now, in 2017??!!
    Notice the part where he tells the young men to not be ashamed of their bodies. I can only imagine all the gasps that would go around if a woman stood at the women’s session and told all the women and girls of the church to not be ashamed of their beautiful bodies. Instead we get a lot of shame about our bodies. Reminders to cover up, don’t show too much skin, don’t be responsible for the dirty thoughts of the YM about our bodies etc. Such a double standard.

  • Brrrrr

    What’s really being said here:

    We’ve weaponized your sex drive against you to ensure we get our 10 percent. Don’t start jerking off or going gay on us, it could have a negative impact on our revenue stream.

    • Hammerheart

      Very astute

  • Mensch

    Glenn, I too noticed the odd pronunciation of “body” by Packer throughout the talk. And then I had a revelation. Packer was a seer, correct? So I believe he actually saw into the future, saw that the Infants would would be performing a smackdown on this talk a couple of decades later, and in a nod to Infant style humor, he chose to pronounce “body” as “bawdy” — which in one word sums up this excellent podcast. 🙂

  • wadingthroughjello

    A classic IOT episode.

  • Hammerheart

    Oi, you fiddled with the Packer Mix (beginning). This is fine, nothing wrong with it, i kind of prefer the original to the new Packer Club Remix.
    How could anyone forget Little Factories?!