Ep 366 – The New Atheist’s Guide to Not Being a Total Asshole: Episode 10 (Anger)

Posted April 28th, 2017

In the season 1 finale of the NAG, Sage explores the concept of the ‘Angry Atheist’ – and who better to guide him than Randy?  So take a drink, get riled up and come get angry with us one last time.

Featured Track:  “God is an Indian” by Modest Mouse


  • sageturk

    I just wanted to post and express my gratitude for the Infants for interrupting their regularly scheduled programming and giving me a forum to do my weird thing for the last 10 episodes (almost 20 hours of content wow!) . Their blend of humor, heart and raw talent got me through the toughest time in my life – and having the chance to rub shoulders with them has been wildly fun, eye-opening and theraputic (plus it’s given me a healthy respect for three patterns).

    Also a huge thanks to all of you who listened! Your feedback kept me going and inspired me to be better. I’m honored to be a part of this exclusive little club of healthy, happy post-mormon Atheists and non-believers. I love you guys!!!

    As for the series – i welcome your suggestions (even if it’s Get Bent) and who knows – maybe a season 2 (or something even better) is over the horizon.

    Be excellent to each other –

    • Aladdin Sane

      I’m surprised that you didn’t mention that Thomas Edison was deaf. They only way he knew his recording device invention was successful was by watching his colleagues’ reactions.

    • Sage, I loved the series. The last one with Randy was probably my favorite.

      • sageturk

        Thanks Craig! Randy was a blast to record with 🙂

  • Thomas Moore

    Although, Randy wanted to keep it U.S. specific/regional … female circumcision still happens in the U.S. to about 200,000 females. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/horrific-taboo-female-circumcision-rise-u-s-n66226

    There’s still states and communities that will not prosecute a man for raping his wife. Even though in U.S. it became illegal in 1993 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marital_rape_(United_States_law)

    How many people are not reporting child abuse in many communities and congregations because of claims of “religious freedom” http://www.cbsnews.com/news/indiana-woman-charged-with-child-abuse-claims-religious-freedom/

    I just wanted to point out that many people are upset over the financial abuse of religion, especially ex-Mormons, but we need to point out the physical, verbal, psychological, misogynistic abuse that not only happens in LDS inc, but in many other cults and religions.

    • Randy_Snyder


  • Jake

    “Antonihahjagoff” literally made me crack up while I was sitting at work plowing through some horrifically boring performance metrics. I really enjoyed the series.

  • Yeah, I don’t get the “accent in movies” thing. Or do I? In the 1995 historical-thriller-that-thrilled-no-one, Total Eclipse, a bio-pic about Arthur Rimbaud, the French poet, everyone in the film had a French accent except Leonardo DiCaprio because he couldn’t do one (the guy’s really not much of an actor). Why didn’t they get the first guy on the call list who could do a French accent? I guess they needed the star power of a Leonardo DiCaprio so that when the film failed, it would fail epically. Hell, if they’d used a real actor, the film might not have failed at all, then what? They coached Renée Zellweger for a year and a half to get her to do a believable British accent for Bridget Jones’s Diary. All of the actresses in Britain were off doing films about French characters with British accents that year, it seems.

    On the other hand, why is it that Brits (including Emma Watson), Aussies, Kiwis and even South Africans seem to have no trouble whatsoever doing believable American accents? Are we that unsophisticated? Are we that transparently bourgeois? I sometimes don’t even know the actor playing a main character in a movie is an Aussie or a Brit until I see them interviewed somewhere else. Are they that good or am I just that easily fooled? That’s what I’m angry about!

    • sageturk

      finally, someone that gets me and gets angry about the REAL issues 😉

    • windy_way8192

      I hunted down this episode specifically to educate you all. Here goes the Frenchsplaining for the poor American unsophisticates:

      ACTUALLY, …

      Imagine you’re in France, and everyone is trying to speak English. Some don’t know any, so they’ll still speak in French. The servants in the castle will speak more, because they have been obliged by their professions to be able to communicate with visiting dignitaries and their servants. The more and better educated a person is, the better their English will generally be, and their accents will reflect the quality of their educations, be them from travelling themselves, books, private tutors, or everyday experience.

      So there.

      • Yeah, but still, why are non-American English speakers so adept at putting on a believable American accent and Americans so inept at getting a British or Australian accent really right?

        And Arthur Rimbaud was, and remains, an acclaimed French-born French poet. I’ll bet he could talk French pretty good like.

        • windy_way8192

          I was thinking about Beauty and the Beast, though, but point taken. I have French friends who have almost no French accent when they speak English. They speak the English accent of wherever they learned English. Yet recently we were out for dinner, with me from Texas and a native New Yorker from Staten Island. They could not tell a difference in our accents, while we totally could. Why some English speakers are better at imitating can vary from person to person, some people have more musical ears which lends a lot to speaking ability. Others just have more exposure to multiple English accents; their ears are trained. America is the biggest producer of English-speaking video and audio on the planet. There’s enough of it for Americans to consume forever without straying to other sources. But this is not as true for any other English-speaking countries or groups.

  • Randy Quentin Meyers

    I would enjoy more seasons and episodes please.