Ep 509 – Reviewing the HBO Documentary “Believer”


Posted July 31st, 2018

Glenn is joined by Bob and Doug to review the HBO Documentary Believer.



  • BO

    just to chime in about Dan Reynolds current state of belief, I heard Dan interviewed on the Howard Stern show about two years ago. He talks about leaving the Mormon church and his views on god, which are pretty agnostic/atheistic. He mentioned that his songs Shots and Bet my Life are specifically about hurting his parents in leaving the church
    I realize the title of the documentary is Believer, which is also the title of their latest hit song, but that song is about his anger with being made to be a believer. Really great exmo song if you look at the lyrics.

  • Karen N Coates

    Great episode, guys! It’s one of the most enjoyable ones I’ve heard in quite a while!!