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Ep 691 – The (Infant) Path to Surrender, P3

Relax and release.  That’s all you need to know.

Ep 689 – The (Infant) Path to Surrender, P2

Glenn sits down once again with Bill Reel to discuss Michael Singer’s 8-course series on the path to surrender.

Ep 686 – The (Infant) Path to Surrender, P1

Glenn sits down once again with Bill Reel to discuss Michael Singer’s 8-course series on the path to surrender.

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Ep 682 – Truth vs Fiction, Part 1: Book of Mormon Evidence on Trial

What is truth? What is fiction?  Is there any evidence — or at the very least, pure rational logic — for the Book of Mormon as truth instead of fiction?  If only there were some kind of Indiana Jones for Book of Mormon artifacts and geography.  Wink wink.

Sharing Time 80 – TIME OUT

Pushing pause on the Justice and Karma series to reflect on what is currently going on in the world that we are each a significantly insignificant piece of.
Love is Still the Answer (Jason Mraz)

Ep 635 – An Insatiable Need for Justice and the Meandering Search for Karma, P2

Tom really hates it when bad people get away with doing bad things. It almost makes him wish there was an afterlife, just so the bad guys can be punished. But what about Karma? Is there any evidence for reincarnation — like maybe children who remember previous lives? What about near death experiences — is there anything at all waiting for us after death? Today’s episode features material from Alan Watts, Dr. Jim Tucker, and Dr. Eben Alexander. Listen in to see what you think.

Ep 618 – To Fear or Not to Fear

That is the question?

Ep 613 – Love Your Dark Thoughts: A Special Valentines Day Ram Dass Tribute by a Happy ExMormon

Do you love your dark thoughts?  What does that even mean?  Listen in to see what you think.

Ep 607 – Street Epistemology with Mormon Missionaries, P2

This is part 2 of Anthony Magnabosco’s SE conversation with two mormon missionaries.


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Ep 606 – Street Epistemology with Mormon Missionaries, P1

What would you say if you were a Mormon Missionary and you were approached by a well spoken, respectful atheist asking you how you came to be so certain about the Truth of Mormonism?  
Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco did this very thing with two Mormon Missionaries. Spoiler alert: he didn’t accept their free picture of Jesus or a free Book of Mormon.
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