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Ep 349 – The Righteous Mind

Heather, Glenn, and Jake team up for some good old-fashion infant shenanigans as they discuss Jonathan Haidt’s 2012 book on moral foundations theory, The Righteous Mind.

Ep 342 – Girls Gone Thrones

In this femisode, Heather, her sister Jennifer, Jennifer’s friend Crys and Crys’s friend Charlie get together to form the largest women’s Infants on Thrones panel in the world–presided over and mansplained by priesthood holder Brother Jake.

First they smack up Jennifer’s Reddit diatribe against the much-shared facebook post inviting Women’s March attendees to join “the oldest and largest women’s organization in the world’ the LDS Reliesosidy: Relief Society is NOT a Women’s Group! 

Then they smack down a Mormon Women Stand article written by a women who marches around her privileged domestic palace shaming other women who aren’t content to march like she does.

In their spare time they talk about Crys and Charlie’s experiences at the Women’s March and what girls would do if they could hold an activity in the church without a priesthood holder present.

Ep 279 – The Book of Mormon Movie Review

An occasional knee-slapping, borderline insightful, completely infantile review the 2003 movie The Book of Mormon Vol 1: The Journey.

Ep 277 – Anger: Tyler Glenn vs Jeffrey Holland

Jake, Heather, Tom and Glenn sit down to smack-up Gina Colvin’s wonderful article, “Tyler Glenn and Jeffery Holland: The Power and the Limits of Anger“.

Tyler Glenn’s video – Trash

Elder Holland’s Tempe Arizona Devotional

Ep 275 – General Conference Smack…up?

Join in as Jake and Randy find a rare pocket of effusive praise for Elder Patrick Kearon’s recent conference address (Refuge from the Storm). Warning–may cause cognitive dissonance.

Ep 267 – Church Museum

Sage and Tom recently took a tour in the recently remodeled Church History Museum in downtown Salt Lake City and recorded and commented about their experience.

LDS-Church-History-Museum  church-history-museum-11 firstvisiont2 museum2 seerstone

Ep 249 – Star Wars: The Nerdgasm Awakens

John, Glenn, Matt, and Tom review the new Star Wars movie, discuss the Mormon fascination with Star Wars in general, and then geek out about super hero movies and random pop culture.

Ep 220 – Froback Friday – Religulous and Kumare

The Infants review two movies about belief: Bill Mahr’s “Religulous” and Vikram Gandhi’s “Kumare.”

Ep 181 – Going Clear: Scientology vs. Mormonism

How similar are Scientology and Mormonism? What do L Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith have in common? How about Brigham Young and David Miscavige? And when is a cult not actually a cult? Infants Bob, Glenn, John, Randy, and Scott discuss these questions as they review the recent HBO documentary Going Clear.

Ep 131 – Meet The Mormons

Scott, Randy, Matt, Bob and Alison review the smash hit “Meet the Mormons,” the Box Office Phenomenon that sent gentile-America scrambling to the baptismal fonts.  In frenzied.  Ecstatic.  Droves.  Cuz you know… at an impressive run-time of 78 min, it was just that good.

And this IoT review is clearly TWICE as good.  Cuz, you know, at an even more impressive run-time of 134 min… well, ok… so we like to talk.

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