Ep 194 – The NEW Book of Abraham – Chapter 2

Posted July 15th, 2015

Glenn gazes into his peep stone for the translation of Chapter 2. Seriously. This is totally real, you guys.


  • Charles

    You are ridiculous, Glenn.

  • How about an Infants-style audio book of the unabridged BoM? On eight-track and cassette so I can listen to it in MY vehicles.

  • Zelph

    I’ve pitched a few tents in my day too.

  • Abe

    Abraham knows his shit.

  • LeviPhillips

    Good stuff Glennnnnn

  • Thomas Moore

    Not since Joseph Smith beat up his brother-in-law and had to go to court for assault and battery (and later killing him? [conspiracy theory]) have I ever had so much fun looking up some of the names & references. Excellent job and thank you!