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Ep 461 – The Complete NEW Book of Abraham

Glenn finishes off chapters 4 and 5 of the NEW Book of Abraham project. ┬áThis was read live and discussed with a small audience in Mesa, Arizona, in the first of what will be a regular weekly Wednesday Night Live recording session, open to the general public, from 6:30 to 8:30 on Wednesday nights. ┬áCheck the Infant’s Facebook page for details.

Ep 356 – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

UPDATE: When Mormon Stories took this episode down, our site experienced a spike in traffic which caused our website to crash. The only solution was to remove the file. We will re-release the episode in three smaller parts later today.

Do facts matter? Is validation possible when faith conflicts with reason? Is Jeremy Runnells really the leader of the Anti-Mormon religion? What about the Book of Abraham? Book of Mormon Geography? The role of prophets? The Proclamation on the Family? So many tits and tats, but can’t believers and non-believers just get along? Can’t we all be friends?

Glenn and John Hamer join Lindsay Hansen Park and John Dehlin for an Infants on Mormon Stories smackdown of a recorded conversation between Trevor (a doubting Mormon) and an LDS General Authority and an LDS church historian as they attempt to address Trevor’s mounting concerns with Mormon history and doctrine.

Ep 350 – Froback Friday – Book of Abraham Smackdown

Travel back in time to August 2014 for one of our first smackdown episodes as Jake, Bob, Randy, Scott, and Glenn discuss the then-recent essay on The Book of Abraham from

Ep 200 – Cagelessbird

Jake leads a discussion with Glenn, Tom, and Zach (aka “Cagelessbird” from reddit) about Zach’s interaction with several top Mesoamerican and Egyptian scholars, and their responses to his question about Book of Mormon and Book of Abraham historicity.

Ep 194 – The NEW Book of Abraham – Chapter 2

Glenn gazes into his peep stone for the translation of Chapter 2. Seriously. This is totally real, you guys.

Ep 190 – Fifty Ways to Leave the Church

Glenn, Jake, Jon, Randy, and Tom respond to a listener email: “Hey guys, what are the top 3 reasons you left the church?”

So, OK, maybe it should be called 50 “reasons” to leave the church, but just go with us on this one…

Ep 168 – The NEW Book of Abraham – Chapter 1

Glenn gazes into his peep stone for a new translation of an old (but not THAT old) classic.

Ep 100 – BoA Smackdown Pt. 2

Bob, Glenn, Jake, Randy, and Scott continue their review of THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM essay from This is part 2. (That’s what Pt. 2 means).

Ep 99 – BoA Smackdown Pt. 1

Bob, Glenn, Jake, Randy, and Scott discuss another review of another essay from This time on THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM, released in two parts, cuz we pick apart every. single. word. Enjoy.

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