Ep 154 – Squashed Hope


Posted February 11th, 2015

Glenn shares a late night epiphany in the wake of the John Dehlin excommunication news.  You asked for something vulnerable John?  Well, here it is brother.

  • Nate S.

    Thanks brother.

  • Gabriel von Himmel

    Glenn your compassion is felt

    Mormon Stories to be continued . . .
    Mormon orthopraxy, a forlorn hope . . .
    Mormon Priestcraft Exploited . . .
    Mormonism Reloaded
    Peering through the looking glass into Mormon Stories confirms that all are being watched from on hight and here, down below too –– a passion play of sorts, while good and evil dance with the people of paradox.
    “This Religion Making is a messy business.” –– the Religion Making Business I mean.
    The parables, it seems can spin all the way back to Jesus himself. This is a danger; Judeophiic Mormons wish not the comparison –– “kill the messenger.”
    The Philo-Semitic Corporate entity has misjudged the true prize. Moral Hazard has infected the righteous with cognitive dissonance.

    In 2015 who would think that Franz Kafka would poke a finger with such existential poignance . Voltaire warned of these occurrences long ago. Ossification is reserved for the worthy –– perhaps . . .

    The Mormons have put up another parking lot; they don’t know what they got till it’s gone, and it will be all sorted out in the end and all the little animals can cut bait while The Mormons get it all sorted out once again.

    Beware: John Delhin is a mental health professional who has dedicated his life, wife and family to being a better human being.

    The Pharisees, Minders of the Temple are a species of another time.
    personally I believe John Delhin deserves a Mac Arthur Genius Award.


    • Gabriel, I’m seeing a pattern of long comments with self-promotion linking, sometimes partially cut and pasted from other sites where you’ve commented. If you are real and would like to keep participating here, please exercise some restraint. Otherwise, we may need to start removing these types of comments.

      • Chicago

        It appears that mindless comment bots have developed some form of anti-Semitism.

        • Gabriel von Himmel

          Mr. Caswell
          As Tribes are as Mormons do Bob, I’m seeing a pattern too. Mormons are used to repeating themselves, thought I’d employ the same rhetorical flourish.
          Oh, you believed me to be a bot, perhaps?
          Joseph: as for sock puppets and apostates, seek help from a priest, don’t matter what kind and it will be all sorted out in the end.
          Chicago, philo-semitism is not anti-semitism, a dash of salt on your Mellon.
          Counter-apologetics is not anti-Mormon and there are many other mysteries too.

          • Lol, if you’re not a bot, I think I might pay someone to create a bot based on your cadence… It’d be the perfect way to troll and disrupt any thread. Your poetic incoherence is original, at least.

      • Joseph

        Uchtodrf? Are you trying to infiltrate apostate groups as a sock puppet again?

  • Craig S.

    This was beautiful and poignant. Thanks for releasing this, Glenn.

  • Jen H.

    Thanks so much for that, Glenn. I’ve never commented on anything here but that really deserves one. It was heart felt and beautiful.

    • Zelph

      Meh, I thought it was alright.

  • Damien

    Will somebody please check on Glenn and make sure he is turned on his side. That was like the letter they read at that guys funeral in American Sniper. Let me buy you dinner bud, I think this stuff is getting to you.

  • Bryce J

    This resonated with me. It was good. So good I asked my wife to listen (TBM). She listened and her comment was, “you know, the people who sing a song during their testimony are kind of weird.” She liked it though. She’s still TBM but maybe understands just a bit of the pain.

    • Glenn

      Very weird. 🙂

      • JRon

        Hello! This is Brother Glowstik, it is 2:30 am and the smell of funky socks is permeating from my unsheathed feet. I also was glued to to the screen reading the “transcript” and didn’t make it to the gym until I read every word of it. Well I’m sure glad I could go workout after that and come back home to listen to another great MS I had not heard

        And now I’m onto Glenn’s minisode. Yes the sadness lives in me. My body is a temple and soul is a war torn vessel of the pangs of despair and regret of a life lost.

        Cheers and much love to all you other inhabitants of ZION, the last human city. Deep below and near the Earth’s core.

  • Christian Hawes

    That was a great one! Bring on more weird. I don’t know about other people but I feel like I have a better understanding of my somewhat obsessive interest in Mormonism despite no longer believing. Super helpful.

  • Daved6

    I almost shed a tear until I realized how you’ve lashed out at LDS people numerous times in the past. I know I know john ought to be praised much like some of them Mormons worship smith. Yeah already listened to part of his podcast dedicated to tributes for himself in this dark hour. Truth is the guy doesn’t believe the core elements of the faith and created himself a platform to encourage others out of the religion. He’s led far more out than anything else he says. Fair enough to ask him to stop it seems to me.

  • Chad

    Yeah. Well said Glenn. Thanks.

  • Amy

    Glenn, this was really beautiful and you put voice to the thoughts and feelings that have been swirling in my head over the past few days. If John reads this, my thoughts are with you and your family. You are such a good man and a great example to others.

  • Terje D

    This wasn’t “a weird thing” Glenn. This was absolutely awesome!

  • B

    Best podcast! Thanks! & me too.

  • Nancy

    Your vulnerability and tone were very moving Glenn

  • Mellie

    Beautifully said, Glenn, thank you!

  • Polly Anna

    First, I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time with all this. I appreciate the vulnerable moment, because I have sensed the flippancy and a tone shift from your ME days when you were “middle-waying it.” And I’ve thought to myself, “What is going on with Glenn? Something has shifted.” But of course it has! It’s been 5 or more years. Anyway, I’m just really sad for you and everyone in the community that is having difficult complicated emotions following this.

    I am so glad that I have been off facebook for the excommunication. I think seeing all of the fall out would have been difficult for me, and would pulled me back into the fray. I’m really trying to limit my exmo obsessing to just your weekly podcast listening these days. I was pleasantly surprised how well I took the Dehlin excommunication. I just felt like “Well, of course.” But even just last year, if this had happened then, I would have been in a fit of rage and way too emotional. I’ve come a long way, and telling my family was a huge part of that. Had this happened in the past I may have even felt the urge to resign in solidarity or something else rash. But now I’m finding myself getting less riled up and engaging less and less.

    Lastly, I was really surprised you used my second outro. I thought you were not amused by it, and I had felt badly about that. I guess I just felt like I have been following you and the others so long that I was in on the jokes and teasing, but then I remembered we are just strangers on the internet and my jokes are not funny. 🙂

    • Actually, I thought it was one of the funniest outros I’ve heard. 🙂

  • Forteddybears

    I often listen to IOT at night, so Thank you Glenn for tucking ME in. Maybe you are now past feelings but every once in a while I get the warm and fuzzies again, and I almost did while you were singing. I kept thinking in the back of my mind: “don’t, don’t, don’t let it go there…. oh damn there it is — ‘lay me'” that did it, and then it totally went to the god thing and I was like “fuck it” but then, in typical Glenn fashion, you saved the whole thing for me with your anger and I got all warm and fuzzy.

  • mhodger

    Hope springs eternal. But what good is hope when your hope is to reform a rank fraud?