Ep 395 – Joseph Smith: Space Cowboy


Posted August 20th, 2017

Did Joseph Smith use homeopathic hallucinogenics to enhance the religious experience of his early mormon followers? Naked Mormonism’s Bryce Blankenagel joins Glenn, Matt, and guest panelists Lindsey and Micah to sift through the historical evidence. Or clues. Or whatnot.



  • Steve Arthur

    Very interesting episode. I would highly recommend Terrence and Dennis Mckenna, who experimented with all types of psychedelics. You can find a ton of talks on YouTube where Terrence recounts what it is like to be on LSD, DMT, mushrooms, etc.

  • Bard

    D&C 27:3-4 comes to mind. “God doesn’t want you drinking any wine but what the church provides.”

  • Ophanim

    I was really touched by Matt long? sharing off hand about giving blessings to his kids as they start school.

  • Justin Carlson

    Suggest subtitle “or dōTerra in the Fullness of Times”

  • cl hanson

    I haven’t listened to this one yet, but if you’re saying that JS gave people actual hallucinogenic drugs with active ingredients in them, then I don’t think “homeopathic” is the word you’re looking for. Maybe you mean herbal or homemade…?

    • Glenn

      It’s more of a test to see how many people will point out how inaccurate “homeopathic” is as an adjective without having listened to the episode to see if it was explained or not why that particular word was used. 😉