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Ep 395 – Joseph Smith: Space Cowboy

Did Joseph Smith use homeopathic hallucinogenics to enhance the religious experience of his early mormon followers? Naked Mormonism’s Bryce Blankenagel joins Glenn, Matt, and guest panelists Lindsey and Micah to sift through the historical evidence. Or clues. Or whatnot.

Ep 241 – Space Cowboy Spirituality

Glenn, Randy, Heather, and Jake are joined by Space Cowboy (not his real name) to talk about this one-time True Believing Mormon who reluctantly lost his faith, became a hard-core atheist, and then accidentially rediscovered a realm of spirituality through a magical mushroomy trip. Space Cowboy apologizes for sounding like a gay alien (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And don’t do drugs.

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