Ep 21 – An Open Invitation

Panel Discussion

Posted September 17th, 2013

Would you like to add your voice to our podcast? Several of you have said that you would. Today’s episode is dedicated to you as Tom, Randy, and Glenn discuss a hodge-podge of subjects. You won’t want to miss Tom’s biggest fantasy!

  • cwald

    Enjoyed the podcast. I enjoy the beer I drank while I listened to the podcast even more. It helps to drink beer while one listens to Mormon podcasts btw. It’s the only way I can get through some of those MS five hours marathons. Thank you for not having five hour podcasts.

    The missions stories brought back a lot of good (bad) memories. It was not the best two years of my life, but it was a good education. Spent 15 months in Brooklyn New York.

    Tom, I can relate to the excommunication fantasy. Absolutely.

    I wrote an essay for ME a few years ago. Didn’t submit it…just crap.

    I’m going to try again. I have it pretty well written…but it might be until the holidays before I get time to record and get it wrapped up. If it is not crap, I’ll send it your way.

    Thanks guys.

  • Elder Vader

    I loved this. The infants just keeping it real and talking to each other. It was fantastic. I look forward to more episodes like this one.

    You may call it navel gazing. But it was good.

  • Mike

    Hey guys. Love the pod cast. Where do we submit our essays once we have them recorded? Thanks! Keep up the good work.

    • Glenn

      Thanks Mike. I have been corresponding with the people who gave their email address in our survey, but maybe we should add a “submit” page here. Give me a minute…. OK. Done. Look in the top right hand corner of the page. Click submit and follow the instructions. Cheers!

      • Mike

        DOH! Guess I should quit putting off the survey. Excuse me while I return and report. Thanks.

  • Orrin Dayne

    Making my way through the catalog and I found Glenn’s “I know the church is.” testimony! I couldn’t find it when I went looking for it several months ago. I love it, Glenn. Great stuff.