Ep 20 – Belief-umentary: Religulous vs. Kumare

Panel Discussion

Posted September 10th, 2013

The full quorum (Bob, Glenn, Jesse, Matt, Randy, & Tom) gets together to review, discuss, and compare two movies that both try to tackle the topic of organized religion: Religulous and Kumare. They are both available via Netflix streaming, but you don’t need to see either movie to follow the discussion.

  • BO

    Great job boys.
    Tried to fill out the survey. Clicked submit but did not seem to do anything. Just FYI

    • Glenn

      Thanks for the heads up, BO. It’s fixed now.

  • BO

    I have a few more minutes to finish up on my commute tomorrow, so forgive me if you guys touched on it, but I was struck by the reaction of the followers even after Kumare outed himself.
    Even after he explained what he had done, several followers still believed in him and wanted to follow his teachings.

    You see this same response by people on the boards all the time. Sure Joseph lied, but he still did so much for his followers and came up with so many great ideas that he must have been inspired in some way. I thought Kumare had a number of close parallels to a faith journey out of Mormonism.

    Loved watching Religulous and Kumare. Anything else in this genre worth watch?

    • Glenn

      Good point. No, we never made that connection. I would be interested to see what they feel about that experience now, after having seen the movie — or, more importantly, after having seen themselves in the movie.

      I just watched one the other night called “Jonestown: The Life and Death of People’s Temple.” I saw some interesting parallels there with Joseph Smith and the early mormon church — also some significant differences. I expect we’ll tackle that one in the next few weeks. I’m always on the look out for these kinds of documentaries, so I expect we’ll be reviewing more of them in the future.

  • cwald

    Another good podcast. The panel is working. You six work well together.

    Most interesting part… the way this tied in to JS and his sexual exploits, was right on. Explains a lot IMO.

    Thanks guys.

  • DontSpamMeBro

    Great, now I have the Dexter theme stuck in my head…

  • kcookie

    Great Podcast! Kumare was fascinating…while watching the accoustic “group therapy”, I couldn’t help but think of Kirkland. I’m trying to navigate my way out of mormonism and I can definitely relate to the idea that although I believe Joseph was a “pious fraud”, I can’t deny some of the “goodness” that mormonism has brought to my life. However, I am finding a lot of “goodness” and truth outside of the box…without all of the bulls#$@t.