Ep 24 – Who Wrote the Book of Mormon – Part 1


Posted September 30th, 2013

Who wrote the Book of Mormon? Did Joseph Smith really translate an ancient record from golden plates through the power of God? Did he simply make up the story himself? Or did he collude with other men and plagiarize a mysterious unpublished novel? In part one of this three part series, Glenn and Randy interview historian John Hamer to discuss the theory of Joseph Smith as sole author.

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  • Dave

    Thanks for doing this series! I think this is my favorite infants podcast, yet. Fantastic idea to get John Hamer and Craig Criddle on to discuss this.

    John, I always love hearing your take on Mormon history. Thanks for being so accessible to the internet community. The discussion is better because of it.

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  • Daina

    This is the best explanation I have ever heard by far! Thanks!

  • mhodger

    What seems to be missing from this podcast is the impact of “A view of the Hebrews” BH Roberts book “Studies of the Book of Mormon makes it pretty clear that this book, written by Ethan Smith (no relation) has so many parallels that it may very well have provided the basic framework for the Book of Mormon. I am guessing you are saving this little gem for a future podcast.