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The Ep 296 – New Atheist’s Guide to Not Being a Total Asshole: Episode 3 (The Devil)

Listen in on the latest installment of the New Atheist’s Guide as Jake and Sage discuss The Devil–with a cameo appearance from the Lord o’ Darkness himself. (Spoiler alert: he has issues.)

Ep 163 – Carl the Casual Satanist Episode 1: Carl Throws a Party

Join Carl as he negotiates the angst-ridden borderlands of casual Satanism in a brand-new, ongoing series. In this installment, Carl muddles through an uncomfortable conversation about his upbringing with a new acquaintance.

Ep 141 – Satan Files for Bankruptcy

What would happen to the plan of salvation if the Devil just decided to up and quit?  Jake doesn’t think that anyone in the super VIP Heavenly family would be all too happy about that.  Don’t ask us how we got a hold of this audio, just pray about it and know — it’s the real freaking deal.

Ep 71 – Making Sense

What does it mean for something to “make sense” and how exactly does one navigate the waters between our thoughts, and feelings, and beliefs? Well, I suppose we could give you the answer right here in this little episode teaser blurb thingy, but then why would you listen?

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