Ep 141 – Satan Files for Bankruptcy

Posted December 18th, 2014

What would happen to the plan of salvation if the Devil just decided to up and quit?  Jake doesn’t think that anyone in the super VIP Heavenly family would be all too happy about that.  Don’t ask us how we got a hold of this audio, just pray about it and know — it’s the real freaking deal.

  • John Spencer

    This episode is bloody brilliant. Bravo.
    I had a coworker (TBM) stop by my office and ask what was so funny. I passed along the episode and he LOVED it.

    • Brother Jake

      That’s awesome! Share the love. What better time to reflect on the most dysfunctional family in history than Christmas?

  • nerdherd

    Brother Jake meets Mr. Diety! This was amazing.

    I was listening to this while waiting for the train laughing. Seriously one of the best things you have ever done!

  • Craig S.

    This was hilarious! Jake, you’re brilliant!. And to anyone listening, be sure to listen through to the very end, after the IoT outro. That might be the funniest bit in the whole damn thing.

  • Orrin Dayne

    I’m glad I had my door shut at work because I was laughing out loud at this.

  • david

    Instant Classic. Christmas came early this year.

  • Thomas Moore

    This was hilarious. Course Satan also got 30,000 people to buy a box of poop on Black Friday. http://allday.com/post/1791-30000-people-bought-a-box-of-actual-poop-on-black-friday

  • Douglas Taylor

    Glen… this might be the best “Infants” mini-sode to date. Quite MrDeity like. Bravo!

    • Douglas Taylor

      Or Jake… whoever did this one.

  • Polly Anna

    I feel like this is a direct result of Jake getting publicly shamed for not producing more original content. Ha! Glad to see it worked. Love Jake’s contributions!

  • Dave

    Absolutely the best mini-episode ever, period. LOL. I love it! Freaking Awesome. The Jewish mother-in-heaven bit took the cake…

  • SteveS

    This is epic. One of the best minisodes in IoT history.

  • One of the Other Mothers

    So freaking funny.

  • brick

    This was just the humor I needed this holiday season, thanks Jake

  • Greg

    This minisode is tops on my list! Brilliant blasphemy which is the best kind of blasphemy. “And I shall reign with blood and horror on this earth!…. heeeoooo.” This caused some pretty unbridled laughter.

  • TGD

    This was awesome.