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Ep 237 – Thanks (for the clarification) Giving

Glenn reflects on the role that Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender issues played in his life in coming to an understanding of what it really means to follow the teachings of Jesus, and what it really means to not. In the process, he hopefully finds a few things to actually be thankful for approaching this Thanksgiving 2015.

Ep 236 – On Being Sage Turk

Sage Turk. What a name. Sounds like a pretty fascinating person who has lived a pretty fascinating life and has a pretty fascinating story to tell, huh? You simply can’t go wrong with a name like Sage Turk. And now you can hear all about him. Listen in as Heather and Glenn interview the guy who brought us all the great audio from the recent LDS Mass Resignation event in Salt Lake City.

And for the record, this episode was edited by Heather. I’m just sayin’

Sage’s website:

Sage’s soundcloud “Songs to Lose your Faith To

Ep 160 – Any Opposed

Scott presents the brief but fascinating history of dissent in the General Conference of the Mormon church. For more information, check out

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