Ep 489 – Listener Essay “For Then We Saw through a Hat Darkly” by Alice

Listener Essay

Posted May 14th, 2018

Today’s listener essay comes from Alice.  She titled it “For Then We Saw through a Hat Darkly.”  We desire all to receive it.

This is #6 in the May 2018 Listener Essay Contest on Infants on Thrones.


  • Jessica Bischoff

    Kudos to Alice for playing Patty Griffin at the beginning of her essay. She will get my number 1 vote every day!

    • Alice

      I love Patty Griffin; she is not only incredibly, amazingly talented – she speaks straight to my heart! It feels great to hear someone else feels the same!

  • wadingthroughjello

    Love the title of this essay! I enjoyed listening to your essay and give it a thumbs up!

    • Alice

      Thank you! I love the idea of “wading through jello”! That is an apt description for much of life! Cheers!

  • Gary H

    Super-awesome! We loved your story!!!