Ep 463 – Raising Kids in a #MeToo World (and it has always been a #MeToo World) – Part 1

Posted March 15th, 2018

How important is it to develop a child’s identity to prevent, expose, and heal trauma? Listen in as former sex crimes prosecutor Matt Long shares his intuitive experiences on how to best protect children and help victims of abuse and trauma heal.  This was a live presentation given in Mesa, Az on Mar 14, 2018.  Check ur Facebook page for information on future “Wednesday Night Live” events.


  • JoAnna Robb

    Excellent! Love the thoughts on building relationship with kids even if we’re not talking about sexual abuse.
    Any advice on Dr and dentists when things like shots have to be done? Our pediatrician is great with the whole body autonomy thing but, for example, my son once had to have something pulled out of his nose and it was traumatic. This week he had to have dental work done that they put him under anesthesia for. Basically he was held down and gassed to sleep. It was horrible. I talked to him before and after about me being with him, I trusted the dr, and why it had to be done. Still, I’m afraid he’s been traumatized and what about his ability to be the boss of his own body?! Sigh

  • windy_way8192


    A thought about the #MeToo world. You point out that children and victims don’t tell when we don’t listen to them. Why does it seem like we are having more #MeToo moments? Maybe it is a sign of progress: more people are listening. More people are feeling that they can be heard.

    I think that social media has resulted in people having more validating experiences about their own thoughts and feelings. It’s something that is encouraging, at least to me.

  • windy_way8192

    Matt, have you heard the Leak of the interview with the MTC President? If so, any thoughts?