Ep 452 – Listener Essay: “Claiming Individual Worth” by Miriam

Listener Essay

Posted February 17th, 2018

Today’s listener essay comes from Miriam.  She titled it “Claiming Individual Worth.”

This is #11 of 14 essays in the February 2018 Listener Essay Contest on Infants on Thrones.


  • windy_way8192

    Hey, Miriam here.

    I listened to my essay today and, though I still maintain most of what I say in it, I can’t help but find the level of my hubris in it distasteful. I think I was trying to get to the point in the end of how we all enrich each other’s lives. I shouldn’t spend too much time acting as if Sandy doesn’t have every bit or more self-identity as I do. I don’t know. I think I spent such a long time in the church depending on others’ validation, and allowing people to seek validation from me, maybe I still have a long way to go?

  • Bliss Doubt

    This one is my favorite so far. Yes, the mysteries of other peoples homes stir the mind of a child. My best friend’s bedroom was painted lavender. I thought it was the most beautiful bedroom in the world. This essay also brought back my first period. At my aunt and uncle’s house I was wrestling with my brother on the couch. My uncle cleared his throat, “ahem”, and pointed in the direction of my crotch while looking at my mother. I’d had no clue about it. Ushered into the bathroom and schooled about the stain in my pants, I asked, bewildered, “every month?” I was not told it was a beautiful gift of sweet life, the rhythm of life, or that it is women who shed blood that life may come again and again into this world. I got over it though. A few years ago I attended a menarche party given by a friend of a friend for her daughter’s first. It was pretty fun, all women, making one young girl the center of a celebration. Everybody brought little gifts, chocolate (oh yeah, for that time of month), soothing bath products, books, and little sweet and symbolic things. One lady, who was of native american descent, gave the girl the set of turquoise studded combs she’d been given at her own menarche. There were sandwiches, cake and ice cream. That was my one and only menarche party so far, but I thought it was a good cause for celebration. The little girl seemed to enjoy it, and didn’t seem at all embarrassed.

    This essay also brought back how we walked everywhere as children, seeing our own forms in shadows on the sidewalk. It made me nostalgic.

    It was a thought provoking essay and a lovely trip to the land of remembering. Thank you.

    • windy_way8192

      Thank you! I’m blown over that someone else gets it!

      I don’t even remember my first period. The menarche party you attended sounds wonderful!