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Ep 459 – Explaining Mormonism to Other Religions

Bob joins Eiynah (an ex-Muslim) and Al (an ex-Catholic / ex-Neo-Pagan) to discuss the intersection of tech and religion. But Bob also ends up representing Mormonism for a new audience and gets to explain “basic” doctrines like┬áresurrection, polygamy, Kolob, baptisms for the dead, and more.

If you are interested in hearing more from Eiynah, check out her excellent interview with Sam Harris:

Ep 432 – #NotMyProphet

LDS Prophet Thomas S. Monson recently passed away. Bob, Jake, Heather and Tom get on to discuss his passing.


And according to Bob, he wasn’t no Gordon B. Hinckley… #NotMyProphet

Ep 423 – Infants on Louis C.K., Sexual Misconduct, and Moral Panic

Bob is joined by Glenn, Tom, Matt, Randy, and friend-of-the-show Lindsay Hansen Park to discuss comedian Louis C.K.’s sexual misconduct in the context of “the reckoning,” the post Harvey Weinstein moment. See below for a couple of resources mentioned in the episode.

When Does a Watershed Become a Sex Panic?


How We Can End Sexual Harassment at Work

Ep 414 – Infant General Conference – Oct 2017

It’s general conference parody time again. Enjoy.

Ep 403 – Grudges Part 1

Tom leads a discussion on Grudges part one with a clip that includes Bob, Matt, Glenn and Scott and then finishes with a panel discussion with Jake and Matt.

Ep 401 – Weird Nutty Mormon History

How many Mormon Priesthood leaders does it take to rob a train? Which LDS prophet was poisoned a few days after attending a Bohemian Club in San Fransisco? Kenneth Lines has found a lot of nutty things in Mormon History. Just nutty, I tell ya. And he talks about a lot of them with Glenn, Bob, and John Hamer. And the nuttiest part is that you get to listen.

Ep 400 – Bob’s Mormon Cred Scale 2.0

Bob is joined by Heather, Tom, John, Randy, Glenn, and lots of audience participation for the grand reveal of Bob’s Mormon Cred Scale 2.0 at the Sunstone Symposium held on July 29, 2017. He attempts to revisit and refine the approach to measuring and quantifying the end-to-end Mormon experience. You can take the new test and get your own Mormon cred score here:

You can also listen to the original discussion (from three years ago) that sparked the creation of the cred scale here:

Ep 398 – Forgiveness Part 2

Tom continues his exploration what it means to forgive.

Ep 397 – Forgiveness Part 1

Tom continues his exploration of Apologies, Forgiveness, and Grudges with this amazing panel discussion from almost 5 years ago — once thought lost — now found. So listen in as Tom, Matt, Glenn, Bob, and Scott (aka “Jesse) talk about what it means to each of them to forgive.

Ep 392 – Froback Friday: How to Marry a Mormon

What happens when you mix “The Singles Ward” with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding?” The Infants read Glenn’s old screenplay “How to Marry a Mormon.”

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