Ep 36 – Between Two Jakes


Posted December 9th, 2013

Glenn sits down with Jake to chat about the conflict he feels being “Brother Jake” the energetic naive apologist, and the real Jake, who’s shelf is just about to break (and did, today, according to this reddit).

  • doanair

    Janet… Jackson if you’re nasty. True comedy genius.

  • Abe

    Amen to everything said in this podcast. I cherish the moment I realized how small and insignificant Mormonism is; how Mormonism is just another species of belief easily placed within a taxonomy of religious though and practice. I tried to sneak away from Mormism. I wanted to go out without anyone noticing my absence. Of course, that didn’t happen. Kudos to Brother Jake for taking this whole thing openly and head on. And please keep making videos! NAMEAJEZUSKRISTAMEN!

  • Scotty

    Could someone please let Brother Jake that his services are being requested over on reddit?


    If Brother Jake is interested in this project, I could help him out with writing/editing/etc.

    I also know Jeremy and could make introductions.

  • cwald

    I like this style of podcast. Couple of bros drinking a beer…shooting the shit….

    Im surprised neither of you brought up the classic Dr. Seuss book…Horton Hears a Who.