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Ep 396 – Infants on Rick and Morty – Episode 1

Randy, Jake, Heather, and John discuss the mind-blowingly intelligentertainmentism that is Rick and Morty. And honest, that is totally a real-ish-tic word.

Ep 326 – The Definitive Meaning of Life. Period.

Now that you all have a few days of Thanksgiving leftovers digesting away away in your guts, maybe it’s time to reflect on “why” we are so thankful instead of just “what” we are so thankful about.   So tune in to Brothers Snyder and Hamer (Randy & Jimmy and John & Ben) and Sister Craw (Heather) and a few clips from our wannabe totem spirit beasts (The Pythons) for the end-all and be-all of Meaning of Life discussions.  Spoiler Alert: This one says it all.  The Definitive Meaning of Life.  Period.

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