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Ep 241 – Space Cowboy Spirituality

Glenn, Randy, Heather, and Jake are joined by Space Cowboy (not his real name) to talk about this one-time True Believing Mormon who reluctantly lost his faith, became a hard-core atheist, and then accidentially rediscovered a realm of spirituality through a magical mushroomy trip. Space Cowboy apologizes for sounding like a gay alien (not that there’s anything wrong with that). And don’t do drugs.

Ep 58 – Dazed and Confirmed

If you have ever felt a little weighed down by the legacy of your Mormon ancestors — and if you have ever turned to alternative methods of self-medication — then this may be the episode for you.

Tom, Randy, Jake and Glenn are joined by listener Brad to discuss his far out essay “Dazed and Confirmed.”

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