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Ep 514 – Of Left and Right and Grumpy Old Men

Glenn and Bob are joined by one-time Mormon Stories Europe host Claudia Fox Reppen to discuss our meandering parallel journeys navigating politics, religion, and all things in between.

Ep 360 – Froback Friday – Morality, Blame, and a Mormon Family’s Divorce

Does shared morality bind and blind? If so, what does it blind us to? Glenn revisits a 7-year-old Mormon Stories episode he recorded in April 2010 with his divorced parents, his two siblings, and the ever-inquisitive John Dehlin. But this time, Glenn looks at it through the eyes of Jonathan Haidt’s Moral Foundations Theory because the Moral Foundations Theory has been totally rocking Glenn’s world lately. Maybe it will rock yours, too.

Ep 324 – Post Trump Morality

Michael Adam Ferguson joins Jake and Glenn to talk about the moral mind. And tastebuds. ┬áCan’t we all just get along?

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