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Ep 724 – A Purely Deterministic Response to Sam Harris’ Final Thoughts on Free Will, P1

Glenn sits down with listener Eric to discuss Sam Harris’ arguments against Free Will.
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Ep 158 – Free Will

Can people really choose what they believe?  Are any of us really “free” to choose anything at all?   We don’t know.  But we’re going to talk about it anyway.

So listen in as Randy, Jake, Glenn, John Hamer and El Tom Perry (aka “the Tom”) dance around and around in word circles. Cuz they are fun word circles. They just are.

The Sam Harris lecture on Free Will can be found here.

Ep 83 – Animal Farm

Glenn is joined by three former essay contributors: Allison (“Dude for a Day”), Nick (“One True Casserole”) and Brad (“Dazed and Confirmed”) to discuss Brad’s newest essay, which explores the similarities and differences between the rise of the Mormon Church and the piggish narrative of control and domination found in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

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