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Ep 303 – Smackup: BYU in the Big 12

In a manly display of manly manliness, Matt, Tom, Randy, and Glenn discuss BYU’s bid for the Big 12 conference and read through a letter signed by multiple LGBT advocacy groups urging the Big 12 to pass on BYU due to its anti-LGBT policies.

Jocks gonna jock.

Ep 109 – PPI – All about Matt

Ever wanted to know more about Matt?  Bob, Glenn, and Randy give Matt his very own PPI: Personal Priesthood Interview, Infant Style.   (Not to be confused with our upcoming seventeen part series: Personal Infant Speaking Segments, or PISS).

Ep 11 – Manti Te’o

Glenn, Matt, and Randy discuss the Manti T’eo catfishing hoax from the perspective of Mormon Culture. The real fake Lennay Kekua also drops by to field a few Infantile questions.

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