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Ep 680 – Bathing with Street Epistemology

How can you really know what you know? ¬†What is your degree of confidence in the beliefs that you hold? Glenn is interviewed by Street Epistemologist Dali on his YouTube show “Vanilla SE.” ¬†Follow the link here to find Dali’s channel on YouTube. Enjoy!

Ep 429 – Sapiens: The Fiction about Fictions – Part 1

Glenn shares a piece of the previously unpublished Sapiens discussion with Heather, Jake, Randy, John Dehlin, and Andrew Evans to talk about the question of fiction. What is a fiction? What is a myth? How does the Mormon “War in Heaven” story function in Mormon culture? How does the “Big Bang” story function in secular culture? Are they both fictions? Are they both myths? Listen in as the Infants discuss, and then weigh in yourself on the debate by filling out the following brief survey:

Ep 167 – Embracing Contradictions

How reliable are the stories we tell ourselves about our own experiences in life? How reliable is memory? Are we simply surrounded by fiction?

Glenn, Tom, and Jake talk to special guest Tierza about her excellent listener essay “Embracing Contradictions.”

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