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Ep 686 – The (Infant) Path to Surrender, P1

Glenn sits down once again with Bill Reel to discuss Michael Singer’s 8-course series on the path to surrender.

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Ep 683 – Truth vs Fiction, Part 2: Who Wrote the Book of Mormon (Joseph Smith?)

What is truth? What is fiction? Was Joseph Smith the sole author of the Book of Mormon? Was it Solomon Spaulding? Glenn and Randy talk with historian John Hamer about Book of Mormon authorship.

Ep 682 – Truth vs Fiction, Part 1: Book of Mormon Evidence on Trial

What is truth? What is fiction?  Is there any evidence — or at the very least, pure rational logic — for the Book of Mormon as truth instead of fiction?  If only there were some kind of Indiana Jones for Book of Mormon artifacts and geography.  Wink wink.

Ep 680 – Bathing with Street Epistemology

How can you really know what you know?  What is your degree of confidence in the beliefs that you hold? Glenn is interviewed by Street Epistemologist Dali on his YouTube show “Vanilla SE.”  Follow the link here to find Dali’s channel on YouTube. Enjoy!

Ep 679 – A Street Epistemologist steps into a Bathtub

Glenn will be interviewed for his new book “Bathing with God” by Street Epistemologist Dali on his YouTube channel JugglingLessons. Watch it live on September 1st at 1pm PST, or just go check it out afterwards. In the meantime, check out a few of the questions that Dali posed to Glenn and to… Quad???

Ep 678 – Bathing with God: An Interview with Glenn Ostlund

Stephen Carter from Sunstone interviews Glenn about his new book, “Bathing with God.”
“Bathing with God” can be purchased here
Listen to the Bathing with God podcast here

Ep 677 – Think on Your Faith with Selu Alofipo

Former football player turned artist turned ex-artist turned ex-Mormon podcaster — meet Selu Alofipo, and raise your consciousness.  Whatever that is.

IOT 676 – Bob’s Superlative Disorder (Fro Back)

What is the most important thing ever? This is, of course.

Ep 675 – An Insatiable Need for Justice and the Meandering Search for Karma, P8

Can both Karma and Justice co-exist in the mind of an ex-mormon podcasting coffee-drinking betrayal (of sorts)? We wrap up this 8-part series with a funny experience from Tom.

Ep 674 – How to Marry a Mormon Part 2 (Fro Back)

Originally published in July 2015, the performs and smacks down Glenn’s goofy screenplay.

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