Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


Satan Files for Bankruptcy

What would happen to the plan of salvation if the Devil just decided to up and quit?  Jake doesn’t think that anyone in the super VIP Heavenly family would be all too happy about that.  Don’t ask us how we got a hold of this audio, just pray about it and know — it’s the real freaking deal.

Faith and Doubt

Glenn shares one of the last talks he gave in Sacrament meeting.  And then rips it to shreds, self-smackdown-styles.

For those of you who like a transcript, you can find at least a copy of the talk here, where it was posted on the Mormon Matters blog in June, 2010:

Infants on Mormon Stories – Pt 2

Part two of John Dehlin’s interogation of the Infants panelists (at least until the tables are turned and we start interrogating him).

Infants on Mormon Stories – Pt 1

In this two-part series John Dehlin joins us for a discussion about… us.  He also says a really bad word, or three.

The Life and Times of Stephen Erastus Knudsen III

Glenn shares a satirical essay from his past, and maybe, possibly, kinda sorta teases an upcoming episode (for those who truly endure to the end).

The Problem Makers

Randy, Alison, Glenn, and John Hamer join Mike Bohn to discuss his Listener Essay – The Problem Makers.

Why Kate Kelly was Ex’d and John Dehlin hasn’t been (yet) Smackdown

Glenn, Bob, Matt, and Scott speculate on the speculating speculators.  Yesterday (Dec 2, 2014) John Dehlin publicly speculated why Kate Kelly was excommunicated and why he has not been… yet.  A little later, Kate responded with some speculation of her own.  It made us think.  We found it interesting.  We decided to talk about it.  Smackdown-style.

John Dehlin’s Speculation:

Kate Kelly’s response:

Infants on Feminists Pt. 2

Part 2 of the discussion is here.

Infants on Feminists Pt. 1

Chelsea joins Matt, Tom, Bob, and Glenn to discuss Feminism.  Or, more accurately, to discuss how to discuss Feminism with Feminists.  Or, even more accurately, to discuss how NOT to discuss Feminism with Feminists.  Buckle up.

Brother Jake Explains: Mormonism is Not a Cult

Jake, Tom, and Glenn discuss the newest Brother Jake video: Mormonism is Not a Cult.

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