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Fifty Ways to Leave the Church

Glenn, Jake, Jon, Randy, and Tom respond to a listener email: “Hey guys, what are the top 3 reasons you left the church?”

So, OK, maybe it should be called 50 “reasons” to leave the church, but just go with us on this one…

Gay Bigotry Smackdown

If kids were confused before, imagine how confused they will be now that marriage is legal for EVERYONE!!! [insert infant cheer here]

Matt, Glenn, Randy, Jake and John discuss a stupid and ignorant Meridian Magazine article and direct the stupidity and ignorance of the stupid, ignorant, (and now hopefully irrelevant) arguments against equal rights in marriage.

Church House Rock: Randy’s Figure 8

Randy shares a semi-fictional experience from his youth.

Boise Rescue Fireside: The Smackdown

On June 13th, Apostle Oaks and Historian Turley delivered an anti-apostasy “here’s how to tell if you are on God’s team or NOT” fireside that people have lovingly labelled “The Boise Rescue.” Someone recorded it, posted it on reddit, and almost immediately we started getting requests for a smackdown.

This has been by far the most requested smackdown in Infants on Thrones history. And by that, I mean that we have probably had about 14 people ask us to do this. FOURTEEN WHOLE PEOPLE!!! So we did it. And here it is:

Jake puts together another bang-up edit for this smackdown-ish (we didn’t have an actual transcript to read from, so we were just basically winging it) panel discussion between Randy, Matt, John, Jake, Glenn, and Scott. Enjoy!

Audio of the Oaks-Turley fireside can be found here:

Lowry Letters: The Follow-up Discussion

Glenn, Matt, John, Bob and Tom respond to multiple listener requests for a follow-up discussion to our recent minisode “Lowry Nelson vs. George Albert Smith.” In other words, we talk about the institutionalized racist doctrine of the Mormon Church.

Church House Rock: Polly Polly Gamy

Listener Mike Leavitt magnified his response to the Infant challenge and created this amazing Church House Rock parody. Listen in.

Church House Rock: Priesthood Power

John and Glenn discuss John’s new Church House Rock parody: Priesthood Power.

Aggieland Smackdown

Faith crisis, shmaith crisis. Come on, people — there is no valid reason to doubt the Mormon church. Ever. Cuz this one guy doesn’t. And he’s a sorta professor/researcher kind of guy who is also a reader and a writer and an Aggieland Mormon blogger guy, and none of the noise from professional skeptics has ever made him want to join them in their misery! Although today, miserable noisy Infants Jake, Tom, Glenn, Randy, and Matt decided to give him a little smackdown. And you’re invited to listen in. Enjoy.

Lowry Nelson vs. George Albert Smith

Matt presents this dramatic recreation of the Lowry Letters, a little-known 1947 exchange between Sociology Professor Lowry Nelson and President George Albert Smith regarding the official LDS doctrine on the Negro.

Going Clear: Scientology vs. Mormonism

How similar are Scientology and Mormonism? What do L Ron Hubbard and Joseph Smith have in common? How about Brigham Young and David Miscavige? And when is a cult not actually a cult? Infants Bob, Glenn, John, Randy, and Scott discuss these questions as they review the recent HBO documentary Going Clear.