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Brother Jake Explains: Mormonism is Not a Cult

Jake, Tom, and Glenn discuss the newest Brother Jake video: Mormonism is Not a Cult.

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And if you just want to play Words with Friends with Glenn, search for Gadianton Rob.

Meet The Mormons

Scott, Randy, Matt, Bob and Alison review the smash hit “Meet the Mormons,” the Box Office Phenomenon that sent gentile-America scrambling to the baptismal fonts.  In frenzied.  Ecstatic.  Droves.  Cuz you know… at an impressive run-time of 78 min, it was just that good.

And this IoT review is clearly TWICE as good.  Cuz, you know, at an even more impressive run-time of 134 min… well, ok… so we like to talk.

Guess Who Said It

Alison asks a very simple question in a very creative way:

“What is the difference between the advice given in LDS General Conference vs. the fortune-cookie wisdom found in Chicken Soup for the Soul?”

(and possibly the follow-up question: “What exactly does nonsense sound like?”)

Glenn, Bob, and Randy chip in a bit with the nonsense.

Brother Jack – Confirmation Bias

Move over Brother Jake — there’s a new Sheriff in town!  (with a slightly lower register)

You can watch the Eyring video Brother Jack talks about here:

King Follett Re-visited

Glenn is joined by John Hamer, Chelsea Shields Strayer, and Brother Jake Frost to discussion The King Follett Discourse.

Mr Deity and the Mormon Testimony

Brian Dalton (aka “Mr. Deity”) joins Randy, Jake, Scott, and Bob to discuss his newest The Way of the Mister video: The Mormon Testimony (spoiler alert: they are kinda sorta unreliable) and a bunch of other fascinating stuff, too.  Enjoy!

The King Follett Discourse

No really.  This is the actual King Follett Discourse.  We actually, truly, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt travelled back in time to record it.  (Yeah, deified Infants can travel through time.  Duh!  Where do you think we got our cool hover boards?)

The Truth-Seeking Brain

Randy, Jake, and Glenn talk about truth-seeking brains, empiricism, naturalism, and the true origin of Arizona’s saguaro cactus.  Sort of.

The TBM Whisperer – Nov 3, 2014

The TBM Whisperer tackles the top three stories from today on his Facebook “Trending News” feed.  Listen in to understand the news around Lena Dunham, Brittany Maynard, and the upcoming Grumpy Cat Christmas Movie from the TBM point of view.

Too Sexy: A Small Halloween Treat

What was that you said?  Trick or what?  Oh, a TREAT… alight, OK.  You want a standalone version of this song, huh?  Well, here you go.  Have fun!  (Love the costume, by the way.)