Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


Priesthood Power and the Magic Worldview

John Hamer teaches Glenn, Randy, and Jake a thing or two about the LDS priesthood. And its origins. And its authority. And its power. And the magical-ness of the Mormon Worldview. And it is funny. And informative. And will tickle your ears, warm your hearts, and engorge your brains. Do not seek the treasure (we thought you was a toad).

Hey Jeremy…

Ever wonder why the Infants are such smug, dismissive, judgmental, black-and-white thinking ex-mormons who are no better than the smug, dismissive, judgmental, black-and-white thinking Believing Mormons who they smugly and dismissively mock, and bully, and disrespect again and again and again? Well one listener named Jeremy has and asked the question, “Why you gotta be so caustic, yo? Can’t you Infants just respect people, dog?” So listen in as Matt and Glenn say, “Hey Jeremy… here’s what we think of all that. Homey.”

Kids After Mormonism

Happy Father’s Day! In honor of this manliest of holidays, Bob is joined by Scott and Jake to discuss how Mormonism may or may not affect the decision to have kids as well as decisions on how to parent. Also, Heather joins us a little later to add her perspective.

Upcoming Infants Live Event

Infants on Thrones will be at Sunstone once again this year, July 28-30. Listen in to what we are planning. You will also find a filthy dirty outtake from our latest clean recording with John Dehlin, the Reluctant Atheist. This is a short one. But you’ll love it. Or you won’t. We swear.

John Dehlin: The Reluctant Atheist

Glenn, Randy, Heather, and Matt sit down with John Dehlin to discuss life after excommunication and the challenge of self-identifying labels such as Agnostic, Atheist, Ex-Mormon, Anti-Mormon, and others.

Of Tea Parties and Faith Transitions – Larry’s story

Listen as guest contributor Sage takes the driver seat in an interview with Larry – an ex-ultraconservative ex-Mormon as he shares his political and religious life transition. Featuring the dulcet tones of Heather who attempts to class up the joint and set us straight on Bernie Sanders.

Mormon Weddings

Do you [Jake, Erica, John, Heather, Tom and Bob] take this man or woman to be your awfully wedded whatever, to have and to scold from this day forward; for better or worse, but it sure as hell better be better; for richer, for slightly but not noticeably poorer and even then only until after grad school; forget sickness, only in health; to loathe and to cherish simultaneously; till suspicious death do you part, so help you Zog?  Just say “Yes”.  Only heathens say, “I do.”  Then by the powers vested in us by the Abiding Dude, we now pronounce you married.  You may kiss, or roll your eyes at each other.  Probably both.  After the reception, you may also defile each other clumsily and briefly in the Lord’s anointed way in a suite at The Little America.  And that, is how babies are made.

The Book of Mormon Movie Review

An occasional knee-slapping, borderline insightful, completely infantile review the 2003 movie The Book of Mormon Vol 1: The Journey.

Infant Retreat/Otterson Smackdown

Seven of the Nine Infants gathered for a weekend in Vail Colorado and recorded their response to some listener feedback and a smackdown-of-sorts to a newspaper article about (former) Mormon PR Boss Michael Otterson.  So listen in as Glenn, Tom, Randy, Jake, Matt, John, and Scott sit around the same table and talk into a single microphone for once.

Anger: Tyler Glenn vs Jeffrey Holland

Jake, Heather, Tom and Glenn sit down to smack-up Gina Colvin’s wonderful article, “Tyler Glenn and Jeffery Holland: The Power and the Limits of Anger“.

Tyler Glenn’s video – Trash

Elder Holland’s Tempe Arizona Devotional