Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


Who Is Mormon Genome Project?

Scott (the Infant who brought you Any Opposed) explains the Mormon Genome Project. Did Joseph Smith Father any children with any of his polygamous wives? You can help answer that question. Take a listen.

Check out The Mormon Genome Project for more information.

How to Marry a Mormon: Part 2

In part 2 of this amazingly ridiculous story, amazingly ridiculous things happen. Seriously. Check it out. It will almost certainly leave you wanting Moore. 😉

Mo-side Out Promo (Sunstone 2015 Teaser)

What will the Infants be talking about at Sunstone this year?


As a parent who has essentially left religion behind, how do you talk about sex with your kids now that the pseudo-authority of God, Prophets, and Scriptures is no longer there to back you up? One listener sent in an “Abstinence Contract” that has made its way around some Utah high schools. Glenn talks about that Abstinence Contract with his two teenage daughters.

Oprah Made Me Do It

Scott is joined by Matt, Micah, and Anissa to discuss Anissa’s excellent Listener Essay “Oprah Made Me Do It.”

Trigger Warning: This episode contains frank and detailed discussions of topics that illustrate the problem of evil and the issues the panel members were forced to consider. These issues include the evils of child pornography, child abuse, sexual assault, and domestic abuse. It is an excellent discussion. But it also pulls no punches.

The NEW Book of Abraham – Chapter 2

Glenn gazes into his peep stone for the translation of Chapter 2. Seriously. This is totally real, you guys.


Tom and Bob are joined with Jamie and Chelsea from the Debrief Society Podcast to discuss Chelsea’s listener submitted essay titled, “Authority”.

How to Marry a Mormon: Part 1

Thirteen years ago, Glenn wrote a super cheesy Mormon screenplay. Today, the Infants smack it down. With relish.

Independence Day

Another collection of excellent listener essays. From mix tapes, to silent consent of bigotry, to a real soldier’s view of Book of Mormon warfare, to homeschooling in Saudi Arabia, to Mark Hoffman and the spirit of discernment and much more, each essay had one theme in common: Independence. Happy 4th of July IOT listeners! (And RIP BKP)

Fifty Ways to Leave the Church

Glenn, Jake, Jon, Randy, and Tom respond to a listener email: “Hey guys, what are the top 3 reasons you left the church?”

So, OK, maybe it should be called 50 “reasons” to leave the church, but just go with us on this one…