Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


The Problem of Evil – Part 2

Part 2 of the conversation between team Atheist (Randy, Jimmy, and Scott) and team Jesus (Mike and David), to discuss the Problem of Evil.

The Problem of Evil – Part 1

Randy is joined by his older brother Jimmy and fellow infant Scott to get to know Mike and David, two post-Mormon Christians who explain how they deal with the problem of evil as believing Christians.


Bob, Jake, Glenn, and Matt talk to Mike Tannehill about the devil — and evil – and his whole role in the Plan of Salvation — and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Creepy Spooky Devil Talk – Part 1

Glenn, Matt and Randy talk about spooky Hell Houses, creepy mormon fear tactics, and a bunch of other devil kind of stuff.

Seb’s General Conference Holland Rap

Listen in as Seb — our good friend from across the pond — knocks it out of the park again…. or whatever the equivalent is in Cricket.

Take a listen, or watch it here on youtube:

The Placebo Effect – Part 3

In this follow-up discussion, Chelsea responds to Matthew’s listener essay “Cultural Relativism Can Bite Me.”  Bob, Glenn, and Scott fill out the panel.

Nostalgia and stuff

Tom, Jake, Chelsea, Bob, and Glenn talk to Doug about his listener essay: “Nostalgia for Bloomington” and go on all kinds of interesting (just for the sake of self-congratulations let’s just go with “interesting”) tangents.  Like:

  • how to tell the difference between culture and doctrine,
  • how to tell the difference between culture and “DEEP” doctrine (if there really is such a thing),
  • how to predict who in your family will go inactive first simply by their age and/or birth order,
  • how to compare your mormon experience to life in a college town,
  • how to tell the difference between a liberal mormon and a Mormon Liberal,
  • how to make important life-decisions once your Jiminy Cricket-shaped Holy-ghost-powered Liahona has fallen out of your back pocket,
  • how to hear a Tom-sigh when Tom is sighing only on mute

Our Mormon Expression – Part 2

Part 2 of our stroll down Mormon Expression memory lane.

Our Mormon Expression – Part 1

In this two-part episode, the full quorum — Tom, Glenn, Randy, Bob, Matt, Scott, and Jake — take a very long stroll down memory lane and discuss their collective experiences with the Mormon Expression podcast — the good, the bad, and the ugly.

But mostly the good.  Cuz once upon a time, we put as much energy, love, and passion into that podcast as we do into this one.   And it’s finally time to tell that story (for anyone who might find it interesting or meaningful).

We take a mostly chronological approach, spanning nearly three years of our collective lives:

Part 1 focuses on the early days of Mormon Expression, starting in June 2009, with Tom as a founding member, and finishes up with Glenn joining the group in early 2010.

Part 2 begins with a reflection of Tom’s classic interview with Will Bagley (Bishops asking young men about sex with animals, anyone?) and takes us up through the contributions of Scott, Bob, Randy, Matt, and Jake to the end of our Mormon Expression experience and the beginning of Infants on Thrones around June 2012.

Apologies upfront for the length and often whimsical self-indulgence of our discussion.  If you are not familiar with Mormon Expression or did not follow that podcast during the time we are discussing, this may turn in to a very long snooze-fest.  But it was certainly important and impactful for us.  Because for a significant part of our lives, it was Our Mormon Expression, too.

PPI – All about Matt

Ever wanted to know more about Matt?  Bob, Glenn, and Randy give Matt his very own PPI: Personal Priesthood Interview, Infant Style.   (Not to be confused with our upcoming seventeen part series: Personal Infant Speaking Segments, or PISS).