Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


PPI – All about Matt

Ever wanted to know more about Matt?  Bob, Glenn, and Randy give Matt his very own PPI: Personal Priesthood Interview, Infant Style.   (Not to be confused with our upcoming seventeen part series: Personal Infant Speaking Segments, or PISS).

Cultural Relativism Can Bite Me

Matthew Vernon provides a listener response to Chelsea Shields Strayer’s recent Placebo Effect episodes and sets the stage — excuse me, constructs a “springboard” — for a future panel discussion on the value (or not) of Cultural Relativism.

To listen to the Reasonable Doubts episode Matthew references, follow the link here:

Sister Smith Goes to Priesthood

Tom and Jake talk to Laura about her listener essay – her life-changing experience attending Priesthood Session of conference.

Dear God Part 2 – Practical Jokes

What does a prayer from Alison have to do with an Infant discussion with Matt, Glenn, Randy and Bob on infantile practical jokes?  This.

The Placebo Effect – Part 2

Part two of the conversation with Chelsea Shields Strayer about The Placebo Effect.

Click here for the full lecture from Dr. Irving Kirsch.

The Placebo Effect – Part 1

Chelsea Shields Strayer joins Glenn, Matt, and Scott for a discusion on The Placebo Effect.

Part 1 covers Chelsea’s time as a cultural anthropologist in Ghana, why she got involved in Africa, and how her field work among the Ashanti changed the way she views her Mormon culture. We also discuss cultural relativism — when is it OK to judge a culture’s vices and become an advocate for change? And we begin to discuss the Placebo Effect based on the faith healers Chelsea studied in Africa — how an inert medication or treatment can actually cause measurable physical change in a person’s body.

Shakespeare in the Bush

Glenn shares his favorite essay and teases an upcoming 2-part episode. “Shakespeare in the Bush” was written by Anthropologist Laura Bohannan in 1966 about the time she set out to study the Tiv of West Africa and was taught the true meaning of Hamlet.

Text of the essay can be found here:

Shakespeare in the Bush

Confessions of a so-called Sex Addict

Randy joins human sexuality experts Kim and Jeremy to discuss Thayne’s listener essay, and his experience with the Mormon Church’s 12-step sex addiction recovery program.

Of Temples and Ice Buckets: Our Symbols of Service

What does the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and the LDS temple ceremony have in common? Ask Matt. He’ll tell ya.

BoA Smackdown Pt. 2

Bob, Glenn, Jake, Randy, and Scott continue their review of THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM essay from This is part 2. (That’s what Pt. 2 means).