Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


A Fond Farewell From Randy -or- State of the Infant Union

Randy bids us all a fond farewell (again) as Tom, Matt, and Glenn respond to some listener feedback and discuss the general state of all things Infants on Thrones.

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Brother Jake’s Gospel Topics

Listen to Brother Jake’s latest — the handy infomercial for Gospel Topics you’ve been waiting for!  Billy Mays would be proud.

Watch the full commercial on Brother Jake’s YouTube Channel:



Sisters in Zion

Alison takes the lead on this listener essay from Wendy — all about her sisters, their different relationships with the Mormon church, and the peace-love-respect they share today despite all of their differences.  Tom and Jake round out the panel for this very engaging discussion.  Thanks Wendy for your contribution!

Violating the Friend Zone

An Infants on Thrones first: two guys, three girls.

And one very brave listener essay.

Nancy, you left us all a little speechless (but, obviously, we all got over it).

Listen in as Matt and Glenn are joined by Kim, Melissa, and Nancy to discuss Nancy’s listener essay: Violating the Friend Zone.

Reclaiming Mormonism with Margaret Toscano

Where would Margaret Toscano start if she was asked to reform the Mormon Church?

Listen in as Margaret joins Bob, Chelsea, and Glenn to talk about gender roles, activism, the Ordain Women movement, faith, spirituality, LDS Temple ceremonies,  Heavenly Mother, whether or not there should be a separate priesthood for women, and a bunch of other really interesting stuff.


Are people happier after they leave the Mormon church?  Randy leads a discussion with Matt, Glenn, Bob, and two long-time listeners, Polly Anna and Jay.  Be sure to let us know what you think as well.  See you on the comments board.

Bengt Out of Mormonism

Comedian Bengt Washburn joins Randy, Bob, and Glenn to talk about comedy and mormonism and stuff.

If you like what you hear from Bengt, consider purchasing one of his albums from his website — he does this for a living, you know.

Zelph on the Shelph

Tired of manipulating your children’s behavior with a creepy little nicknack just one month every year?  Well… does Matt have something for you — and just in time for Christmas!

The Christmas Jesus and stuff

John Hamer stops by again to talk about the Historical Jesus with Glenn, Allison, and Bob.

Of course we talk about other stuff, too, like belief, and Bob’s endless fascination with Hamer’s “you-say-you’re-a-Christian-Pastor-but-you-don’t-sound-like-a-Christian-Pastor what can I do with this lamb in lamb’s clothing” thing.

And oh yeah, we talk about Christmas a little bit, too, and ask the question, “do you really need to throw the baby Jesus out with all of the mythological bathwater?”

(Answer: No.  No, you don’t.)

Satan Files for Bankruptcy

What would happen to the plan of salvation if the Devil just decided to up and quit?  Jake doesn’t think that anyone in the super VIP Heavenly family would be all too happy about that.  Don’t ask us how we got a hold of this audio, just pray about it and know — it’s the real freaking deal.