Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


Of Temples and Ice Buckets: Our Symbols of Service

What does the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and the LDS temple ceremony have in common? Ask Matt. He’ll tell ya.

BoA Smackdown Pt. 2

Bob, Glenn, Jake, Randy, and Scott continue their review of THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM essay from This is part 2. (That’s what Pt. 2 means).

BoA Smackdown Pt. 1

Bob, Glenn, Jake, Randy, and Scott discuss another review of another essay from This time on THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM, released in two parts, cuz we pick apart every. single. word. Enjoy.

Brother Jake’s BYU Commencement Speech

The title says it all.

Ideology… and whatnot

Jake, Bob, and Glenn take the scenic route from Ideology towards Personal Responsibility (aka Setting-Your-Own-Standard-of-Truth-and-Living-By-Your-Own-Moral-Compass) with a few detours into parenting, sex, and priesthood blessings along the way. Join them for the conversation. Or don’t. Your choice.

Dear President Simmons

Glenn reads an open letter to his Stake President on account of his Stake President calling two of Glenn’s friends in to ask questions about Glenn and his testimony. Will there be a sequel? Only time will tell.

Sacred Experiences

What happens to your sacred experiences once you stop believing in Mormonism? Matt and Kristin share a few of their most sacred experiences and discuss.

Reexamining the Apostate Lens

Randy is joined by his older brother Jimmy to discuss in more detail just how much our personalities change or don’t change as we transition out of Mormonism.

Little Factories

In 1976, our favorite LDS Apostle, Boyd K. Packer gave a talk in priesthood session “To Young Men Only” that was not subsequently published in the Ensign the following month, nor can it be found as a conference talk on today. It was turned into a pamphlet in 1981 “To Young Men Only” and that text is available on but the audio and video are not on the official website of the LDS church.

But we Infants found an audio copy. And in this episode, Glenn, Tom, Matt, and Jake dissect it as it has never been dissected before. Hold on to your little factories, cuz this is gonna be a good one.

Bob’s Superlative Disorder

Move over Mormon Cred scale, Bob has a newer, bolder insight du jour. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is by far the most important insight du jour Bob has ever had about the absolute most important issue of our day!

Listen in as Randy, Tom, Jake, and Glenn argue over and over (and over) about this incredibly important thing that — in the end — is so vitally impactful and meaningful for every person in this world that it may ultimately have less than zero meaning or impact on anyone at all. Yes. We get that deep.