Infants on Thrones

The Philosophies of Men, Mingled with Humor


The Lacuna Brotherhood

Tom and Bob interview Ben Fellows from the band The Lacuna Brotherhood. We talk about Ben’s disaffection from Mormonism, his obsession with Wikipedia and eventually get around to his love of music and sample some of the songs on the album Aftermath.

Band Website:

Aftermath on iTunes:

Aftermath on Amazon:

Minisode – Bob’s Faith Crisis to Music

Bob shares a few of his favorite songs, their hidden messages, and how they were (of course) written just for him and the narrative of his life. So climb in the passenger side and sing along.

Noah The Movie and Mormon Circus Acts

Bob is joined by Logan Beaux of to review the movie Noah. This is followed by a discussion as to whether or not bringing certain types of Mormons (*cough* Mike *cough*) onto the show is a good idea. Glenn stops by to share his $.02 as well.

God and Science and Stuff

Randy exposes his great red-headed passion, and so much more, in this engaging conversation about God and Science and Stuff. Glenn, Jake, and Bob take turns antagonizing as they all float down the river of time in the galactic inter-tube of imagination. Yeah…. that.


Tom Perry explains what it means to be a real man and how to go black but never go back. Sorta.

The One True Casserole

Jake sits down with Nick and Maren to discuss Nick’s audio essay “The One True Casserole.”

The Intentional Literalist – Noah’s Ark

Mike Tannehill joins us once again for this unofficial follow-up to The Unintentional Racist to discuss the recent essay on Noah’s Ark with Randy, Scott, Jake, Erica, and Glenn.

Here is the link to the Meridian article in defense of Noah’s Ark.

And here is the essay Noah.

Minisode – Another Open Invitation

Just in case it wasn’t clear the first time….

Listener Essays:
1. Secrets of Abraham – Mike L.
2. The Problem of Good – Seb D.
3. Confessions of a Mormon Beer Snob – Chad W.
4. The Tom Sigh – Jay B.
5. Dazed and Confirmed – Brad P.
6. ????

(Come on Sisters!!!)

The Summons DENIED: Traitors and Tyrants

Matt, Scott, Randy, Jake and Glenn discuss Judge Howard Riddle’s decisions in the case of Tom Phillips vs. Thomas S. Monson.

Dazed and Confirmed

If you have ever felt a little weighed down by the legacy of your Mormon ancestors — and if you have ever turned to alternative methods of self-medication — then this may be the episode for you.

Tom, Randy, Jake and Glenn are joined by listener Brad to discuss his far out essay “Dazed and Confirmed.”